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Chronos User Discussion / Chronos Meetup Germany
« on: February 27, 2018, 07:02:34 AM »
Since i realy want to test stuff bevore i buy it, and you wont find an Chronos in your small town´s Electronics Shop yet, i wanted to ask the Forum:
Is there somone in Germany (preferably South of Germany) who would let me come over to him and test his Chronos and let me play around a bit.
I have a Nikon 1 System and realy like those high Framerates.
So i am Looking for a Upgrade.
I also got a lot of Lenses, that should fit the Chronos quite well.
I would like to compare the Nikon J5 with the Chronos, maybe Posting Results here.
Some Time ago (Like 2 Month) i went to a big German Company, who sells Highspeedcameras, starting at 15.000€ or More.
I got about 3 Hours to test my J5 against that 26.000€ Camera and was glad i did that.
Because i was pretty disapointed from that camera.
That Camera did FullHD @5000 Fps, and 35.000 Fps @144px Vertcal Resolution which is impressive, but you will need always a massive Powersupply and a PC to control it.
And it has kind of poor Dynamic Range and Light Sensitivity.
I expected WAY more at that Price Point.
If someone Is interrested, just message me, i will upload that test.
So i realy want to test that Camera, bevore i buy it.
I think, the Chronos will fit me well Specs-wise but i am realy interrested, what the expirience of using it myselfe would be, and how it would perform with my Cine-Lenses.
Also I want to see how the Chronos would hold up to the J5. While The Chronos will beat the J5 in terms of Framerate and Resolution, i want mainly see how about Colors, Dynamic Range and Sensitivity, since the J5 has some serios Dynamic Range.
I wrote all this to David Kronstein, an he said, that they have some High Dynamic Range Mode for the Chronos coming, planed for sometime this Year.
Looking forward to this.
So if there is Someone in Germany, who would let me come over to him, please message me somehow.

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