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Chronos User Discussion / Timekeeping
« on: August 02, 2020, 08:35:22 AM »
My Chronos 2.1HD seems very bad at keeping time. I shot some footage yesterday (1st August) and noticed everything was date-stamped "yesterday" (as in 31st July), so I set the clock to the right time and date, and the clips I did after that were fine.

When I went out this afternoon (2nd August) my clips were date-stamped 1st August at 04:12(am) and onwards.

Is this normal?

I just got my Chronos 2.1HD yesterday and am really impressed! I need to work it a little while to really get the hang of it, of course.

However it doesn't seem to like recording at widths less than 1024. If I select (eg) 800x600 then the display just goes black and nothing gets recorded. The same goes for 640x anything. It works for higher speeds if the width is 1024 or 1280 but I prefer more 'square' aspect rations than the long thin type.

Is this something you've seen, and can it be fixed?


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