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Chronos User Discussion / Re: Bad Image Quality
« on: December 17, 2018, 06:26:29 AM »
So, how are you doing with your image Quality?
Allready managed to find out the reason for the bad Quality?

Chronos User Discussion / Re: Bad Image Quality
« on: December 10, 2018, 11:04:14 AM »
Yes, this would help everyone a lot, if you could provide some sample footage of yours.
Otherwise its just a big guessing game.
But its never a bad thing to know those basics of manual Exposure Mode, if you want to give the chronos some use and improve your image quality (which i guess you would want both, since you bought one...). Especially since you dont seem to know about the basics of exposure settings.

Chronos User Discussion / Re: Bad Image Quality
« on: December 10, 2018, 10:40:33 AM »
Well, i donīt know how much knowledge and experience you have with the manual Exposure in Video and Photographic Cameras....

@Nikon1 . I have zero experience, but I'm watching and reading on it now...However where in Chronos can I adjust Exposure? / Thanks
First off: I dont yet have my own chronos, so i cant tell for sure, look it up for yourself.
You can adjust exposure in the chronos by:
+changing the Shutterspeed/ Framerate/ Shutterangle.
+Changing the gain. This is compareable with the ISO sensitivity setting in most other digital Cameras or the ASA-Number of your film Camera.
+Changing the Iris setting on the Lens.
Every one of those settings will make your image brighter or darker, so, depending on what result you want, you have do adjust more than one of those for the desired result.
Also in general, as i allready said, you want all the light you could get from anywhere most of the time. The more Frames Per Second you capture ("Standard Framerate" (as comes out of the box) should be around 1000 or 1500), the more Light you Will need! if you go for even more Frames Per second (final video will look Slower to the viewers eye) than for Example 1000, you will need MUCH more light, since the camera way has less time to expose per individual image, cause it needs to capture more of them in the same timeframe.

Chronos User Discussion / Re: Bad Image Quality
« on: December 10, 2018, 09:34:05 AM »
Well, i donīt know how much knowledge and experience you have with the manual Exposure in Video and Photographic Cameras, but using a camera like the Chronos requires quite some of that.
This camera has, as far as i am aware, NO Automatic Exposure Mode or any other kind of Automatic Mode.
That means, that you will most likely have to adjust your setting for your Lighting Situation, almost every time you want to capture something with it.
So, it is kind of normal, that the result is bad, if you just unbox your chronos, power it on, and hit the record-trigger....
You will need to adjust your settings everytime or have to have the same Lighting all the time to get reasonable results. Otherwise you will end up with Videos which are to bright or too dark (or out of focus, if you dont focus correctly...btw: Chronos has no Autofocus, if you dont allready know that...).
I would recomend you to look up some tutorials/ videos on How to use Manual Exposure Mode on Photographic/ video-Cameras, that will explain a lot and will help you to find the right settings for this kind of camera.
Not sure what that flickering you get is all about, but a lot of light sources in your everyday life will flicker when filmed in slow motion. Most people cant see that with their bare eyes, but the Chronos can see that very well!
Try filming in bright sunlight, if you get that same kind of flickering, it is most likely caused by the Chronos.
Otherwise, If this flickering is not visible with only the sun as light, it is probably caused by whatever lightsource you are using.
Also, you need tons of light for a highspeed-Camera to get good Image Quality.
Hope that heped a bit with your problem.

Chronos User Discussion / Re: Question about Shutter Speed
« on: December 06, 2018, 11:35:44 AM »
If there is such a legal speed limitation, it would most likely be due to ITAR. For example, thermal (IR) cameras are limited to be below 10 fps and/or 640 x 480 px to be exempt of ITAR regulations. So if you see any IR camera above those limits, the manufacturer got a specific permit from the US government to do so and the sales are very likely restricted to certain regions and so on.
Now you might say what hast this to do with equipment coming from spaces other than the US? Well they just claim world wide jurisdiction...

I did not search for ITAR regulations regarding regular high-speed cameras, and honestly I don't want to dig into that rabbit-hole ;)
Ok, thats good to know.
I always wondered why those IR-Cameras always just had such crappy resolution and framerate....even nowerdays....
That explains a lot.

Chronos User Discussion / Re: Question about Shutter Speed
« on: December 06, 2018, 10:27:00 AM »
As far as i know, there is an Limitation on ANY Highspeed-Camera out there in the whole market, that the fastest shutterspeed must not be shorter than 1us.
There is some kind of limitation, and i was always interrested why that is... If it goes slightly faster than that on some of the Presets, i think its still kind of borderline ok for that.
If you want faster Shutterspeed, you need some kind of special permission and a good reason, why you would even need to have such a camera... (or just hack /Modify the firmware on your own...?)
Please dont quote me on that, this is just from what i heard other people say and as good as i could remember, i never did the acutal research myself.
I think iīve seen someone of the Kron-Staff say here in the forum, that the chronos Camera itself ist capeable of way shorter/faster shutterspeeds per frame, but it is not enabled due to this (legal?) Limitation. If i remember correctly, the talk was about reducing the resolution to actually just a single Line of pixels at some kind of crazy framerate to create some kind of line-scan-camera. In such a mode the chronos should be able to push tons of frames (lines) per second...

#Edit: Sorry if Bad english BTW...

Thanks for grading that, turned out to be really impressive looking, for just beeing shot in 1280x720 on an 1:1 Pixel sensor Readout.
You can kind of tell a bit, that there is sharpening going on in the image, but nothing distracting, or what an average person would see.
I also think, this would be indeed useable for 1080p Productions.
Especialy once you have Camera-Movement, since you wont see that much detail anyways when everything in Frame Moves fast enough.

Chronos User Discussion / Re: Filming welding arc - filter necessary?
« on: October 28, 2018, 10:53:49 AM »
I filmed An CNC- Plasma Cutter and an -Laser Cutter on my Nikon J5 @ 1200 fps Without any special Filter. I used an Standard Clear Glass filter which i guess is an UV-Filter used in Photography, but just to prevent the Front of My lens from Hot Metal Stuff, since i was super close.
You will need to use VERY short Exposure time For that, since it is Realy bright.
I used Like f22 or even f44 for the Plasma and an bit of an faster Apperture on the Laser.
Didnt kill the Sensor for me.
But i cant gurantee for your case...

I know for a fact the sensor manufacturer makes higher resolution sensors as ive been messaging them for info! I hope Chronos team has something up their sleeve cause this could be a real winner if it was higher resolution also.
I think David Kronstein and the guys working there are Well aware of the Fact, that there are way better sensors and other components.
But i dont think they went for maximum Performance technicaly possible here. More Like Most Performance for a reasonable amount of money and most Bang for Buck.
If you actually NEED Higher Quality or higher Framerate, you are propably in a position, where you would be able to afford to rent or Buy an Way more expensive camera anyways.
I think if they tried to compete with companys like Vision Research, RED, ARRI, Panasonic and the Like in terms of Bare Framerate-Perfomance, Resolution or Image-Quality, they would have quite a hard time because all of those Companys do their thing very well.
I really hope and would love, if they make an Higher Res. Model at some Point, but for the Start of it, this sensor is good as is and a good choice and kind of a Sweetspot between Price and Performance. I allready asked, if they plan on producing a Follow-Up model but got no answer for that yet.
Keep in mind, if you put Higher Resolution sensor or Faster sensors in a Camera, you will also need way more Powerfull processors to get all that Data away from your Sensor and somehow into your Memory, which also need to be Faster then. So, Price can go up pretty fast if you go with an "better" sensor. So it kind of depends, if they could make "affordeable" 1080p Highspeed a thing, if its crazy expensive, like all the allready existing cameras, then why would anyone buy it over the other cameras?

Chronos User Discussion / Re: Chronos 1.4 Footage Thread
« on: October 20, 2018, 12:59:50 PM »
So, here is some Footage from some Spray-Can-Fire NiNeff and i Captured while testing the Chronos last Week and played around a bit.
On the Left is the Footage with some HEAVY Frame-Interpolation to make it look even slower and also a bit of color Grading-Magic.
Used Twixtor Pro and AfterEffects CS6. Pushed it to about as slow as i would go before it looks to bad for me.
On the Right side is the Same Clip untouched out of camera.
Used the H.264 out of Camera, havenīt got time yet to find out how the whole RAW-thing works, and i cant open the DNGīs produced by that Firmware-Version we used when shooting this.
Camera Settings where Full Resolution and Maximal Framerate at that Resolution.
Lens used was The Kit-Zoom-Lens. Its a bit overexposed when the Fire gets really bright, but that can maybe fixed when the RAW-Data would be used.

Chronos User Discussion / Re: Moonlit stills, Chronos suitable?
« on: October 17, 2018, 11:20:29 AM »
@Sael: that mars video is actually really good, I guess you're using a magnification of about 250x to 300? Now I'll definitively need to hook up my telescope to the Chronos just for the fun of it
You could try just using Some Old Paper-Core from Toilet Paper or alike and A bunch of Tape for an Adapter if you want to go really ghetto and cheap with the adapter. Just cut it down to about the right Length and make sure you secure the Camera, so it wont drop down...
If you are patient enough and want to spend the Money there Should be Canon to C-Mount Adapters somewhere...i think?

Chronos User Discussion / Re: Moonlit stills, Chronos suitable?
« on: October 17, 2018, 04:44:19 AM »
I was able to open and play it with VLC without any problems.
I tried again, and now i can open it. The other 3 Downloaded Files from the Same Video wont open in VLC or in AE CS6
While the noise is still quite strong for my taste on this shot with the moon, all things considered its still rather impressive for an camera which wasnt meant to do anything like this, especialy with the mars one at 500fps.
What Gain settings did you use on those? Propably Base-Gain (0) for the moon, but it propably has to be an higher Gain-Setting for the Mars one at that framerate?

Chronos User Discussion / Re: Moonlit stills, Chronos suitable?
« on: October 17, 2018, 04:24:39 AM »
I downloaded the Video from the moon now 3 times but cant open any one of them... Dont know what that is all about. Maybe just my bad internet connection here.
But the Mars one is actually pretty impressive.
If the Noise gets so much worse below 60fps, then maybe just use 60fps or faster i guess...

Chronos User Discussion / Re: Moonlit stills, Chronos suitable?
« on: October 17, 2018, 03:01:28 AM »
Ok, that is good to know.
Well, the moon is actually quite a bright object in the Sky. If you want to do some deep Sky-Object Photography you will have to deal with far less bright objects in the Sky.
Also i guess that image of the moon was shot on the Kit Lens @75mm...? Based on the Size... Dont know what apperture tho, could be anything from 1.2 (Rather unlikely that NiNeff used 1.2 on that) to like 11...?
As far as Sensitivity of the Sensor goes, i found in side-By-Side testing with my Nikon1 that the Base-Gain (Gain 0) is about as sensitive as ISO 160 or 200 and the highest available Gain-Setting should be compareable with ISO 3200 as far as Sensitivity goes, but i havent tested that side-By-Side for the higher Gain-Values for verification.
While it is possible to use 1.2 on something like the Kit lens, if you want something longer (Like Telescopes), you will get appertures of 5,6 or below. Also most Lenses Wont perform best when wide-Open, so you will need to Stop most of them down a bit to get good image Quality. And if you simply expose your image Longer then, i guess Noise will get even Worse.

Chronos User Discussion / Re: Moonlit stills, Chronos suitable?
« on: October 16, 2018, 11:41:50 AM »
Thanks NiNeff for trying and Posting that.
I guess DDR is Right, too much noise.
If the Camera would be stupid cheap like around 100$, it would be worth try modify it and Cool the Sensor down really cold. that COULD help somewhat with the noise. But at that price point i wouldnt risk that.
I guess you CAN get something remotely "useable" form it in such low-Light-Long-Exposure Situations but nothing really super high Quality.
But since it is not intedended for anything like this, i am Not surprised at all with exposures that long.
Keep in mind that your usual DSLR or astro-CCD-Camera on the other hand canīt even remotely touch the 1000+++ fps of the Chronos but will perform Better in Low Light /Crazy Long exposure :)
There is an tool for every job!

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