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more jog dial control would be nice

Yesssss. We have plans. 8)

There will be a little more control in the next release, and hopefully full control with the new UI I've been working on. Hopefully.
so stoked! thanks!
Software Dev / Re: Updating the UI: Record Settings Edition
« Last post by patrickrebstock on February 28, 2018, 07:43:50 AM »
yeah understood, file it in the "next time box"
Software Dev / Re: Updating the UI: Main Screen Edition
« Last post by patrickrebstock on February 28, 2018, 07:42:43 AM »
on the exposure changed thought, when is the black calibration going to be faster like it says in future versions of firmware, is this being worked on for next version?
Chronos User Discussion / Re: Chronos 1.4 Camera (16GB Color) for sale
« Last post by Matt N on February 28, 2018, 05:54:43 AM »
Any details on the prototype CS to MFT?  Something we can 3d print or laser cut to play with and test?
The biggest thing stopping me playing with any of the better lenses is that I'd have to buy them and they are not worth it for the quality improvement alone if it means a dramatic rise in F-stop.
I just made a 3D-Printable Adapter to mount anything with MFT-Mount on the Chronos.
Downloadable STL-3D File Uploaded in this Post.
Realy quick & Dirty, if anyone can do it better, please do so.
Since i do not have:
-A Chronos yet
-A 3D-Printer,
I can not gurantee for anything and not even able to test that 3D-Model i just made.
So please Someone here try, if it works or if that 3D-Adapter needs Modifications, and post here, so other people Know.
I am not even sure, if the Lens Mount is Rotated Properly.
Should fit the Front of the Chronos with those four M4-Holes to be Mounted with four Screws.
Keep an eye on your Lenses, when you try to mount it, because i do not know if there will be enough clearance to fit your lens without hiting or Scratching your camera or Lens.
Also not sure about how strong that Adapter is, so be carefull and do everything on your own risk.
For the Design of the 3D-Model i simply assumed, that the Flange focal distance of the CS-Mount of the Chronos would be the same as its Bodys Front Surface.
I added one Picture, showing that this seems not to be like this, and the CS-Mount stands off of the Front Surface somewhat.
Because that Distance seems to be very small, it should not be that big of a Problem. you will Reach infinity Focus, but you cant focus as close as usual (will be more apparent with wider Lenses).
If someone can provide me the exact dimension of that Distance, the CS-Mount is elevated above the Front Surface, i can change it in the 3D-File.
Because of the Dimensions of that Adapter it would maybe even Possible, to Leave it on, while mounting C- or CS-Mount Lenses.
Software Dev / Re: Updating the UI: Main Screen Edition
« Last post by Electra on February 27, 2018, 11:12:38 PM »
I would have zero issue with it being *in addition to* zoom in/out buttons. It's a great short cut that many people seem comfortable with or want it.
(I don't really like it myself, having dealt with the frustration of old/damaged/dirty(or heavily protected) gear not registering the second finger/dropping touches/etc. Trying to hold a large/heavy device in two hands while doing multi-tap is a pain. If it's set up on a light tripod or balanced atop something to set up the shot.)

One thought: Mentioned in another thread is that someone would like the ability to use the camera with an external HDMI screen and a mouse. I can imagine this being a very useful feature(Much like being able to plug a mouse into an android smartphone and having it bring up a cursor).

You suggested 'tap to zoom'.  That alone might be enough. Set it so if you tap the image, wherever you tap would zoom in to a magnified view on that spot.(With big 'zoomed in' text)  Tap again returns to normal view. So you can quickly tap-zoom/tap-unzoom a few spots. It would simplify the interaction and also do the same thing.

The final designs would need to be tested though for what 'feels right' as you said.  These are all just ideas.

And I keep forgetting to mention it. I like the 'exposure changed' reminder. That is a nice(if unrelated) touch.
Software Dev / Re: Software V0.3 Beta - Updated Jan 4 2018
« Last post by patrickrebstock on February 27, 2018, 10:21:26 PM »
in this version of software it still wont save the  intensity or the color of the peaking selected across power cycles.
i believe that it should but was forgotten so i would label this as a "bug"
Software Dev / Re: Updating the UI: Play & Save Edition
« Last post by patrickrebstock on February 27, 2018, 10:18:45 PM »
looks good
Software Dev / Re: Updating the UI: Main Screen Edition
« Last post by patrickrebstock on February 27, 2018, 10:14:18 PM »
i dont see anyone having problems with pinch to zoom, that would be a wonderful interaction and then drag around zoomed in area.

with the set White balance, how will setting a degree kelvin work? rather than the custom wb that we have now
Software Dev / Re: Updating the UI: Main Screen Edition
« Last post by DDR on February 27, 2018, 09:31:55 PM »
Tap to zoom would be perfectly fine for quick double-check-focus actions. But then again, that's assuming that one's focus point is in the center of the frame. If not, one would need to tap to zoom, then drag to recenter on the focus point. So maybe pinch-zoom-pan is the only universally usable option.

I like simplicity of code, but now I'm torn. :)
We'd probably want to make it zoom in on wherever you tapped.

One way around pinch to zoom, assuming there is room to add them, would be a 'zoom in/out' button pair then 'drag' to pan around would work.

Maybe, depending on what others think, you can have 'focus aids' and that would invert/depress the button and replace recording settings/play+save with 'zoom in/out'  'zebra toggle' 'focus aid level'   etc. and show that your in a different viewing mode?   Would adding this extra step get in the way of other's workflow?
I think it would be OK. Especially with a predictable opening position, sub-menus are quite quick once you are familiar with them.

Currently, I only have one sub-menu in the design. The Focus Aid button's settings got brought out of the Util screen. It will make it one more tap, or at least a more complex tap, to toggle Focus Aid. But I think it's worth it to be able to see what the settings you're setting are doing.

I'm going to have to play around with it a little more before I know exactly how interaction will be. I'll do whatever feels natural to me, but it'll probably be something like 'tap outside the menu to close it, tap inside to press buttons on it'. Nothing too wild. I am considering, if you drag onto the menu, it auto-closes when you release... but I think that might be 'nice but weird', which I don't really like. Like I said, I'll have to play around with it.
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