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Serial numbers.

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Hey guys, just a silly thread to see unusual serial numbers and general serial numbers.
Mine is No: 00007   the James bond serial *cringe at bad joke*
can we get a 00042 for Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy


You have 7.  I have 8.  Where's 9?

I made sure to keep the answer to everything to myself, hehe. I have 00042.

A certain space related company got 00321, and a nice signed letter from all the staff thanking them for inspiring all of us.

00009 is on my desk, being used for software development and testing.

We haven't made 00666 yet, who should that be reserved for?

I always thought it funny that they chose the number 42, given its significance and meaning in Jewish numerology

Shit. I have 665 :-(


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