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At long last, the Chronos Camera application source is now available at the following git repository:


Currently we only support Ubuntu 16.04 LTS as a build environment. 17.04 is known to NOT work due to different compiler versions included. You're welcome to try other environments, please let us know what works and what doesn't.

Follow the instructions in the repository readme to set up your build environment.

We suggest not doing any significant changes or customization right now. We are in the process of breaking out the low level camera control into a daemon controlled over D-Bus. This will allow the cam app to talk to the camera seamlessly, whether local or operating remotely over a network connection. Ideally, the exact same application will be able to be compiled to run on the camera or on a PC.

Once you have the application compiling, you can connect to your camera over SSH. Plug the mini-USB port into your computer, and it will enumerate as a USB to Ethernet bridge (serial numbers 00050 and above, earlier cameras need an update, available here). You can then log into the camera using root/<no password>

I'm sure there will be many questions, please let us know any problems so we can provide better build instructions.


Holding in case more space is needed #1

Holding in case more space is needed #2

That's great news and looking forward to trying it. I'm on Mint 17 which is based on the ubiquitous Ubuntu 14.04 so will let the forum know if all good.

Great news! I have S/N 34 so will wait for the USB/ETH fix before I dive in.   


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