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Hello everyone, I got my camera a while back and I wonder if anyone have the info of the raw recording feature will be released? or  if there is any specific timeline when raw recording will be enabled with new firmware? the current codec isn't enough for my type of work so it has been a paperweight...thanks.

The latest beta software has raw saving support.

The format is very raw right now. It simply saves the data either as packed 12-bit or 16bit either LSB or MSB justified. There's no encapsulation or formatting. It's just raw words one after the other.

We're still working on a better format so if there's a specific format your software supports let us know. Right now the highest on the list is DNG image sequence. There is an issue where a portion of one of the main libraries we have available for saving doesn't support anything higher than 8bpp so we need to patch or rewrite that before we can get an encapsulated format such as DNG working.

What program in Windows can we use to convert the RAW files? Will Adobe Camera Raw work?

No off the shelf programs support the current "very" raw binary files yet, they need to be converted to something more standard first. We are working on custom utility called raw2dng to do this conversion. I have a working Linux version I can release if interested, but no Windows build yet. The source code is available now if you'd like to take a look or build it yourself.

Thank you for letting me know. Please let me know when you have a Windows version up.


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