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How to achieve fastest save times.

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John DeLonghi:
This has been discussed in another thread, but I thought it might be worth having a dedicated thread here, especially now the auto save feature is available, as we'll want to dump the full internal RAM to card/USB as quickly as possible.

In my testing, I've not managed to surpass 36MB/sec, so I'm assuming this is the fastest transfer rate currently possible with firmware 0.2.3 beta?

I can achieve this speed with a USB 3 stick, XQD card in a USB adapter and a Sandisk Extreme Pro Class 10 SD card in the slot.

I don't think there's any difference in transfer rate between the internal slot and the USB interface.

Any other observations from anyone?

You're correct, on 0.2.3 beta you'll get about 35MB/s max. This is limited by code provided by the CPU vendor TI, we'll be working on speeding it up, but Etherent is priority right now for development. It should be possible to get much faster save speeds, perhaps up to 200-250MB/s over eSATA, once things are optimized.

John DeLonghi:
Will the USB speed increase as well as eSATA?


--- Quote from: John DeLonghi on December 31, 2017, 03:07:48 AM ---Will the USB speed increase as well as eSATA?

--- End quote ---

Somewhat, but not as much as SATA. It would max out around the same speed as you get from your PC to the drive, perhaps 30-40MB/s

John DeLonghi:
Where's the bottleneck when using the USB interface? I'm getting speeds much higher than 40MB/s between my PC and storage devices using USB 3. I'm getting 200MB/s easily using a fast flash drive.

The eSata interface - what types of storage devices will it support? Could I plug in an eSata HDD and it would be powered from the camera, for instance?


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