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Saving setting across reboots is BAD

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The last three times I've used my camera, I've been troubled by how dark, how tightly framed, how unusable the view was. "Oh right, this is set up for the last shot I did a week ago, with settings that are in no way applicable to this shot." The requirement to manually and studiously reset the camera to a known-good zero point is ridiculous.

Saving settings across reboots might be nice for lab environments, but I don't feel that that's this camera's primary scenario. It's small, light, battery powered, untethered, super mobile, designed for faster deployment than others can ever hope for. The default state should allow for fast power-up-and-shoot with the least fiddling as possible. The default state should be one which offers the best chance of "getting the shot" with no double-checking. That is: full frame, full shutter, 0 gain.

Please add an advanced toggle to save settings across power cycles. I can certainly see the value when shooting in the field for long periods of time, having to change batteries, waiting for weather to clear, etc.

But as a default, it's horrible. The first step when powering on the camera should not be "go though every setting and put it back to normal so I can build up from the known-zero point."

In short, allow people to use the camera as they like. If people like the saved settings, great! But don't force the default which requires all other users to "fix" the settings from last week before embarking on a new shooting scenario today.

I find the save settings to be very handy, I keep forgetting to change the save setting back to 30fps and the shutter to 50% for example.
So to make a 'disable save settings' option useful, you might want to want a 'save as defaults' option, to allow someone to pre-configure their camera and then have it revert to that every time it's powered up might be a useful compromise.

For now, under Utils -> Settings  is  'Revert to Defaults'  5 taps from power on to back in shooting mode.

I personally love the save settings after reboots  please leave it


--- Quote from: patrickrebstock on December 31, 2017, 06:50:55 AM ---I personally love the save settings after reboots  please leave it

--- End quote ---
Same. It's incredibly handy, especially when you get things setup absolutely right, but need to shut down the camera to move things around for whatever reason

Hopefully there is an easy way to perhaps have the setting be toggle-able on and off.

Good to hear feedback from both sides.

We'll look into making an option that reverts settings on launch and defaults to disabled.


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