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Found a good foot trigger.


The "stock" BNC trigger is nice, but it is handheld only as well as needing to be in your hand to trigger. (It's not practical to have your thing happen and then pick it up to trigger.) When shooting rifles and many handguns (Especially the sawed-offs.) by yourself, things can get difficult.

I figured the obvious solution would be to find a foot pedal type trigger. I went on Amazon and after a little searching I found this foot switch, originally for tattoo machines.

I bought one and I am happy to report that this is a fantastic addition to ones list of Chronos accessories.

This pedal and pedal base appears to be made of some non-magnetic cast metal. This gives it a good amount of weight and makes it plenty strong for the task. It looks and feels like it should provide years of use under the most foot-stompy of people. (Provided you don't use it to anchor a boat or drop bowling balls on it from a 3rd story window.)

The "Switch" feels like it is just two terminals, one on the foot pedal and one on the base, making contact. Nothing fancy and perfectly adequate for the task. The spring that holds the pedal up is of moderate strength. Strong enough to prevent accidental triggering if you move it by sliding it with your foot. The bottom has some of that non-slip stuff on it.

This also makes a great "Slapper" hand switch. No need to pick up or hold anything, set it on the table or counter and slap it when you need to trigger the camera.

One thing to note is that the one I received has a RCA connector, not BNC. The cable it comes with matches what the pedal is, but you won't be using the cable it comes with, so plan appropriately.

Hope everyone finds this helpful.

Great idea! Unfortunately it's currently unavailable.


--- Quote from: Fyodor on January 08, 2018, 02:10:26 PM ---Great idea! Unfortunately it's currently unavailable.

--- End quote ---

Well poo.

I went and looked around online and found the makers site where they appear to still be available.

Thanks for the link! They even have free shipping to Germany. Just placed an order...


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