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Saving. Possible bug.


I have encountered what I believe is a bug when saving to SD card, which prevents me from saving the recording. The root cause may have been that the memory card was nearly full and the file would not fit. The camera did not say this.

Here is what happened.
1. I stop recording and hit "Play".
2. I set "Mark In" and "Mark Out". Typically about 4000 frames apart somewhere in the middle of the recorded buffer.
3. I hit "Save".
4. At this point the camera starts to write frames to the memory card and the frame counter increments. When it reaches the "Mark Out" point is does not stop. It continues to write frames indefinitely. Also wrapping around at buffer end. It will pass the "Mark In" again and also pass "Mark Out" again.

Pressing "Abort Save" does not stop it. The only option is to turn the camera off. The camera will turn off with a 1s press on the power button (a long press reset is not necessary).

This issue repeated for every recording (5-6 times). Turned the camera off between. I didn't realize at the time that the card might be full. I took the card to my computer and reformatted the memory card. After that saving worked as normal again.

Hopefully (and likely) this issue was cause by a full memory card.
Does the software check available space and report a full card, or is this what happens?
I have firmware 0.2.


Ok, I just found this in the firmware 0.2.5 change log:
"Camera now checks that storage device has sufficient free space before starting save"

Should have read that before I posted.


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