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Software Roadmap - 0.3.1, 0.4.x, etc.

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What is happening with the Chronos' software? What is in the works, and when will it be available?

Keeping in mind "The best laid plans of mice and men will often go awry", here's what we have planned:

* 0.3.1 (expected late August)
* Improved image demosaic for .mp4 (less colour-fringing around high contrast areas)
* Overlay frame number on video.
* Save .dng for raw video.
* HDMI port supports video out.
* Basic remote video control. (play, pause, seek)
* Save more than 45 videos.
* Possible raw video save speed increase.
* Additional minor bugfixes and tweaks.

* 0.3.x (expected mid-September)
* Power controls (turn on when connected to power, turn off when not)
* Basic overlay controls. Maybe.

* 0.4.0 (expected late October)
* Debian replaces Arago as the camera operating system.
* Python is available to script the camera.
* External HTTP API available for custom scripting. (may be delayed)
* Internal D-Bus API available for custom scripting. (may be delayed)
* UI is ported to Python, prettied up, and made to use the D-Bus API.

* 0.4.1
* Bugfix release for 0.4.0.
* APIs, if delayed.

* 0.5.0
* Remote control app, using the HTTP API.

Behind the scenes, the main delay is that we've discovered that it's impractical to continue development using our current operating system, Arago Linux. It lacks some basics such a C compiler, a scripting language, and several basic Linux debugging utilities. Arago's video subsystem also crashes after saving 45 videos.

For example, developing the back-of-camera user interface using Arago entails a ~5-minute delay between making a change and seeing the change in the UI. Using Debian, changes made to the UI are live in seconds.

We've been working on getting Debian running, on and off, for the past year. However, a few months ago a combination of near-success and issues with Arago's video system meant we decided to officially devote engineering time to the problem. This, naturally, delayed the progress we were making on the internal D-Bus API for 0.4.0, because now we were working on something else.

Currently, from my user-interface-centric perspective, here is how our progress is looking for version 0.4.0. The new UI and APIs will be debuted when this is complete.

tap for full resolution ↗️

Green means "completed", yellow is "in progress". Arrows show what depends on what. For example, the final implementation on the right depends on the D-Bus API, which has had the video control component made, and the D-Bus API Mock, which is currently being developed. Implementation is done by adding behaviour to a laid-out UI (labelled "Shell & Nav"), which I sketch up in Designer as a separate step. Each screen can be done more or less independently.

I hope this helps clear things up. I'll try to keep this thread updated as things progress. One of the big reasons we don't like to announce things is that they frequently turn out to simply be untrue. For example, we thought we'd fixed raw save speed, but then it turned out we hadn't a few times. We really don't want to promise something we won't deliver on, so we keep to ourselves quite frequently. What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks a lot for publishing the Roadmap for the Software.
Only Question left for me is:
Is the HDR-Mode still planed to be added to the Chronos?
Canīt find it on the List.

It is a thing that we would like to play with in the future, after 0.5. There's a handful of stuff like that we'd like to do at some point.

You guys are awesome for your continuing development work and I am super excited to hear that you picked Debian as your next os (completely unbiased Debian user here). I continue to flog the Chronos every chance I get to potential buyers.

Now whe have even more to look forward too. It's also very nice to have a rough idea what you guys are working on istead of having to pry every little bit of info out of you ;)
If I hadn't already, I would go and throw some piles of money at you...  ;)


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