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Glad to hear you guys are still plugging along, each update and rc has made the camera more enjoyable to use. Good luck at NAB!

Well, we're back from NAB with the Chronos 2 and the bullet-time Ring announced and successfully demoed! We're turning our attention to the camera control APIs now.

Good news/bad news: The good news is that there's actually some serious progress being made on the API - it has basic working control of the cameras, can set resolution, and take and save recordings. The bad news is that it's not the original API I had designed when I made the new UI, since the new API was developed as part of the Ring project.

Here's the current status of the API and UI:

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From left to right, we have:

* Shell & Nav: Complete, I've designed and imported all the planned screens into the new UI's code. This is still good to go.
* Implementation (Front-End): This is the back-of-camera interface redesign I've been working on. It makes the camera do stuff by telling the internal D-Bus API to do stuff.
* Implementation (D-Bus APIs, v2): Turns commands from the back-of-camera interface and the HTTP API into lower-level commands to the components of the camera, such as the field-programmable gate array or the image sensor.
Most of the screens' implementations have been demoted to being "in progress", since I need to go back and change the API calls being made in all the screens I had wired in. In some cases, this is simply a matter of using a new name. In other cases, such as the recording settings screen, the API works quite differently and the screen will have to be significantly reworked.

We're still aiming to release the initial version of the API in June, so you all can give us feedback and start automating your camera!

Work continues. About half the stuff we need to expose via the API has been exposed, but the UI has been delayed as I've been busy trying to work out some nasty performance issues.

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