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AHD demosaic beta update - Much better sharpness for in-camera h264 saving

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This beta update adds a greatly improved demosaic for in-camera h264 saving. This brings the quality of saved MP4 files near that of externally processed RAW files. We've been using this regularly without issues, but as always with beta software, don't use it for anything mission critical where you can't recreate a shot.

This replaces the old bilinear demosaic with one based on AHD (Adaptive Homogeneity Directed), with some modifications for fewer color artifacts around single-pixel objects, and lower resource utilization.

This update must be installed over V0.3.0, if you have not installed that, follow the instructions on the software update page. Once you're on V0.3.0, you can download the attached update, the installation instructions are exactly the same as for V0.3.0 update linked above. Once installed, the application revision will remain the same but the FPGA revision will be 3.9

Let us know how it works!

Thanks a lot for further improofing the Image Quality.
Keep up the good Work.

Here are my image and video tests on the new Demosaic Patch.  Highly recommended install.  There are some slim black borders on the top and bottom of h.264 not on RAW which are being fixed by the team already. Other than that the patch is solid.  Should be ready for wide release soon.  Thanks, Krontech Software team!

Did you happen to do any comparisons before and after the patch?

I installed the update without problems and did try to take a comparison, however i nudged the focus and therefore the test was invalidated :(
I just trust you guys and I'm not going to revert the update...


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