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I am a professional colorist & would like to try improving your raw footage

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The project is great but basically as a professional, I've seen nothing impressive from this camera until recently, with the raw update it looks almost usable in a professional video. The bird footage looks very weak, artifact-ed, noisey and just bad coloring but I'd like to get my hands on some raw data to see if thats down to hardware or poor post processing which I suspect.

If I can I will share my workflow. If someone could be so kind to either film under studio lighting or failing that, get me some static shots of a subject on a cloudy day, so the shadows (dark areas) are fairly well exposed and no clipped highlights. Just a quick few seconds worth of frames ie 100 or so. If I could get the raw image data and some dng's even better and I will try a variety of debayering methods.

I dont need anything fancy, just some movement in the shot such as a falling coin and well exposed.

Thanks :)

Nice to have you here.
I would realy like to see someone push this Camera and its Footage to its maximum Potential.
Still dont have a chonos myself ... Mainly because of money and because i still havent got my hands on one to test it.
I also feel like there is a need for somebody to come up with some realy impressive Footage filmed on the Chonos, because i always feel like this camera could (or at least should) be able to do somewhat better, than what i have seen untill today.
I am more of an camera guy myself and also into compositing and animation, but sometimes i also do grading and color work and i also found most of the footage ive seen rather weak in terms of color/ contrast and dynamic range.
Would love to see if it is just a thing about grading or debayering.
Most people here seem to use the 12,5-75mm f/1.2 c-Mount "Kit-Lens". Maybe it is just the look of that lens that looks somewhat wrong. I have a similar lens like that one, just mine is older, and that is a realy soft lens with poor contrast and an realy weird look to it.
I dont know if the newer Lens here has the same Look, but i never use mine because it is that bad....
As an kit lens it is quite ok, especialy for the price and size and for the fact, that you could go to f/1.2 if you need to, but it gets very soft wide open and isnt even super sharp when at f/5.6 or less...
Whish you best luck in finding some Raw Footage and would recommend to try get something taken with a lens of known performance, because that could be a huge factor for image Quality.

The main problem is in the debayering method but the last firmware update (0.3.0) has greatly improved it (but 99.9 % of the videos on the internet are videos from before the update was available).

The raw data is very good since the beginning:

As an professinoal i think you allready know that, but i post those images anyways for everyone else reading along.
Here is an quick side by side comparison of three lenses. All of them are realy sharp.
The Leica on the Left is the oldest of them and an very early one, completely uncoated.
The Schneider in the midle is somewhat newer but still quite old, Glass has coatings.
The Nikon is a Modern lens design, realy sharp and Contrasty, coated.
Images Flat, Graded and an 1:1 Crop for sharpness. All taken on the Nikon1 J5, 1" Sensor Size. Grading is just done to my personal taste for every shot individualy, to see what i could make out of every shot.
That is just to show how much difference in terms of the Look a lens could make, even if sharpness would be basicaly the same. Those test shots where Taken in realy heavy backlight, a quite demanding scene for older and uncoated lenses.
For some things like Cinema or Music videos those Older Lenses could produce some Desireable results, but for science ... i would rather use other, newer lenses...
So if virtually everyone uses the chronos with that Kit Lens, the look of that lens could be mistaken easily with the look of the Camera itself just by looking on the footage on the Web...
Still waiting for someone with proper Lenses and some good knowledge about grading and Lighting to make an testshoot with the chronos.

I did as you requested and filmed a coin drop.
Lighting: direct sunlight, about 5 m distance to camera, fstop about 9
The raw will take quite a while to upload, i will edit as soon as it's up.

here's the original mp4:
and here's the raw:


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