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Dear all,
Can somebody please post a picture or the details of the original power supply? I work in a laboratory where all the power supplies look the same and they fit the plug. A brand, or the voltage/current rating would be ideal. Thanks a lot! All the best

The original one is a 19 V 2.1 A PSU made by Delta, model ADP-40KD and is pretty small for its power (something like 3 * 4 * 10 cm).

But any power supply of 40 W or more and between 17 and 22 V with a 5.5/2.5 positive tip barrel jack (all info is from the camera's datasheet) is compatible.

Edit: it's this one: ;)

Thanks!! I found the original power supply in the lab.

I know this is an old thread but for the future if anyone needs, you can find the same power supply that is shipped with the Chronos here:
Just be aware of the barrel size if you are ordering other than first party.


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