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Chronos V0.3.2 Beta - Updated June 25th 2019 with beta-6

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In this release we are making changes to improve the camera's image quality by addressing the vertical banding issue that some users have reported and adding some new features to the power controller to make unattended operation of the camera a little easier.

Note that this update will affect your camera's factory calibration, you should back up your factory calibration before applying this update if case you have to revert back to v0.3.1 at a later time.

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Notable Changes:

* Automatic ADC calibration during black calibration, which should reduce column banding across a wider temperature range.
* Add a storage tab to the util menu to view, eject and format the attached storage devices.
* Speed boost at most resolutions, with a top speed of 1069fps at 1280x1024, and 40420fps at 320x96.
* Configurable automated power-on and off depending on the AC adaptor status.

* Factory black calibration is now user accessible from the Factory tab of the util window.
* The software update button has been moved to the storage tab of the util window.
* Shipping mode to disable power-on by battery until an AC adaptor is attached.
* Add a watchdog to reboot the camera in case of power-on boot failure.
Fixed Bugs:

* Memory leak in the M3 video coprocessor which could lead to a crash after lots of H.264 encoding.
* Ignore video which was recorded during black calibration.
* Changes to exposure may be overwritten during black calibration.
Known Issues:

* After applying this update, software versions v0.3.1 and earlier may no longer be able to receive battery data or utilize the power button.
Updating Your Camera:

* Extract the .zip file into the root directory of a FAT32 formatted USB drive.
* Turn on your camera and insert the USB drive.
* From the main window, tap the Util button to open the utility window.
* As a precaution, tap the Backup Calibration Data button on the utility window before starting the update.
* When the backup is completed, a pop-up window will be displayed.
* Tap the Done button to close the pop-up window.
* From the utility window, tap the Apply Software Update button to begin the software update.
* A warning message will be displayed, tap the Yes button to confirm and begin the update.
* During the update, the screen will go blank and an Applying Update message will be displayed.
* After approximately 60 seconds, the update will be complete and the camera will restart.

Because this update includes some major changes to the calibration routines of the camera, for the best results we recommend re-generating your factory calibration after applying the update. You can do this by navigating to the factory screen and tapping the "Black Calibrate All Resolutions" button.

This procedure should be performed only once the camera has warmed up to its normal operating temperature, and the lens or body cap is in place.

Update was easy enough and I like the new storage Tab in the utilities.

Black cal at 1x works well but with any more than that I get significantly more banding than 0.3.1 at higher frame-rates. I'll keep poking around to see if anything I do can make it better or worse. I have also noticed that there is some flickering, at higher gain is is more visible but it can be seen at 1x as well.

I also had "No Batt" after the first restart but that has gone away, not really worried about it.

Sorry for all the negative feedback but I am still impressed at the work that is going into the 1.4 and I am glad you guys are still working towards more features!

Can you attach some images to show us what the banding looks like at higher gains and framerates? Does the banding appear to change either for better or for worse after attempting a black cal at those settings?

I'm going to restore a known good version then try the update again. If I get the same results I'll make some example files for you.


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