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Chronos V0.3.2 Beta - Updated June 25th 2019 with beta-6

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Wow, almost 5% speed increase at the lower resolution. And it just feels good to be able to say "it does 40k FPS" instead of "roughly 40k FPS" ;)
Will test the new software soon-ish.

Ran the camera on an older version and everything looked fine, updated and found the same black calibration issues, so here's what I found.

#0 It only happens at frame rates above ~27kFPS
#1 It gets 10x worse at 4x analog gain, at 1x and 2x the image is pretty good. At 16x I get only gibberish for an image.
#2 The flickering seems to be related, it is most apparent when the vertical banding is present. I haven't measured the period of the flicker yet to see if it is the same at every resolution/fps.

Below I have attached 4 images taken at the 320x96 40420.4fps 20.08us 4x analog gain (worst case scenario but the effect is very similar down to ~27Kfps. I let the camera warm up (it seems to do that a lot faster now, the fan ran at full speed since the update) before taking the images. I had to convert them to PNG because the forum didn't like .TIFF files made by the camera.

0th image is taken before doing a black cal and before doing the factory cal.
1st image is after a black cal but before the factory cal
2nd image is after the factory cal but before doing new black cal
3rd image is after the factory cal and after a black cal

Hopefully this is helpful.

Thank you so much, that does clearly demonstrate an issue with the new calibration routines when operating at high gains. I've been able to reproduce the problem and I'll be looking into it.

Awesome, glad I could help!

40.000 FPS ... awesome how far the camera has come.

... from 21.500 max :D

PS: I also have those problems with the flickering even after black cal. with the higher frame rates.
Also the fan seems to go crazy and goes full power from the first second on...


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