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Question about SD card wear.


Does the OS SD card get written to constantly while the camera is running? I had an SD card fail in a weird way and I'm not sure if its Raspberry Pi syndrome or just a bad card.

For reference it's not the card that came with the camera its a Kingston 8gb which is slightly smaller than the original card. To get the Chronos OS onto the card I had to shrink the ROOTFS partition by a little sometime around v0.2 and I have been updating normally since then.

In what way did it fail?
The OS and camera application don't write enough the SD card to cause failures for a very, very long time.

It started having intermittent write errors. When trying to write an .img to the card it would fail at different places in the write (the same .img files wrote just fine to other cards).

I wasn't sure if it was from excessive writing when in use (RaspberryPi loves to do this) or if I had a garbage card. Looks like it was just a crap card.


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