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Problems after reverting from v0.3.2 back to v0.3.1


I installed the version 0.3.1 update early today and ran some test shots to ensure everything was working.   No problems.   I then applied the v0.3.2 update.   After letting the camera warm up for 40 minutes, I did the factory black calibration followed by another manual black calibration.     When I went to start shooting, there were multiple narrow vertical bands about 1 pixel wide across the frame (example attached) that would not go away with additional black calibrations.  This banding is very visible even on the LCD screen in both live and playback.  Note that I have had problems with banding not going away on my camera before this update, perhaps there is an issue with my camera's sensor that is causing this?

So, I reverted back to the v0.3.1 update, which was successful.   However, there are two problems that haven't gone away with several reboots:

1.) The "No Batt" indicator displays at the bottom.   The camera still operates without the external power adapter plugged in, but the "no batt" indication remains instead of the normal percentage remaining.

2.) The camera will not power down using the main power button.    A "hard" power down (holding the power button for 10 seconds) is the only way to turn the camera off.

Other than those two issues, the camera seems to be working normally (shooting, saving files, etc), though I have not yet put it through its paces on a normal shoot.

The attached image below is a frame after installing v0.3.2.  It is nighttime here and I am on the road, so no well-lit scenes were available.

When you were using the v0.3.2 software update, did the issue occur at full-frame (1280x1024) and low gain, or did this banding appear only at the higher gains and/or smaller frame sizes? There have been reported problems at high gains using the new black calibration routines on v0.3.2 that I am presently working on.

To completely revert from v0.3.2 back to v0.3.1, you will also need to restore your factory calibration (in particular, the /opt/camera/cal/lux1310Offsets*.bin files will have been overwritten by the v0.3.2-beta software).

Regarding the issue with the power button and 'no batt' indication, I will have to try out reverting a camera from v0.3.2 to v0.3.1 and investigate the issue further. It is likely there are some files that may need to be deleted from the SD card to revert from v0.3.2 to v0.3.1 after the changes to the power controller for the automated power-on and power-off features.

I was shooting at 1280x720 with default gain settings.   After the revert to v0.3.1, the 1-pixel banding issue was completely gone, and in fact, the overall banding was much better than before I started the initial upgrade process.   My original pre-upgrade issues with banding my have just needed the "warm state" factory black cal to fix.

I did a full production shoot yesterday and had no other issues aside from the no batt and power button.   The camera seems to be charging normally when plugged in.


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