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Camera powers off after update to 0.3.2

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Hi all
I updated my camera from v0.3.1 to the latest and greatest beta yesterday and all appeared well. I did the calibration backup before updating as well. Once done I had a little play including saving to an SSD card connected via esatap and several reboots.
Later in the evening after it had been off for a while I decided to try something else but the camera wouldn't boot or stay on. Sometimes it wouldn't get past a black screen (the splash screen always shows) and eventually just turns off. Other times it will get to the main UI screen and then just shut down. There is time to press one button to which it responds but then it powers off. There was one instance when it got to the main screen but showed lots of multicoloured snow, I just rebooted when it did this and now it won't start at all
Please help me get it either working or reverted back to an earlier firmware

OK, got some coffee in me and I disconnected the power and battery for a short while and it will now boot and stay up. On boot though it takes two attempts with the first being reset by the watchdog if I don't miss my guess. It has done this several times consistently now.
I also notice there is a lot of screen speckling when the focus assist is active. This is not really a problem, just an observation.
More playing soon

Sounds to me like a low battery vicious-circle. Some daemon/script/whatever detects low bat ad triggers a shutdown sequence before the app is fully loaded. Might be related to the other battery issues reported for this beta version.
Did the reboots occur with the power cable  plugged in?

That is very troubling, I'm sorry to hear that you've run into a problem like this.

Out of curiosity, does the camera ever show battery information in the bottom right hand corner of the screen before it shuts down? And if so, is the cycle time between the splash screen and the undesired reboot consistent?

When the auto power-on/off modes are disabled, or the camera is on AC power, there should only be two cases where the camera will reboot itself:

* The main CPU has not made any communication to the power manager firmware within 60 seconds of boot.
* The power manager firmware has detected an over-temperature condition and shut off power to the system for safety.
The most likely cause is that for some reason the software running on the main CPU is not requesting power information from the power manager firmware within that 60 second window.

Also worth noting, you can distinguish between the cause of the reboot by watching the status LED on the top of the camera, it will blink red when the watchdog timer triggers a reboot. If the camera is rebooting for some other reason, such as a thermal overload or when the auto power-off feature is configured the red LED will not blink.

The powering off phenomenon has not entirely stopped however is less frequent. Just the twice today so far.
Yesterday after removing power (mains and battery) for a minute there was no reset after the UI was showing. Most starts were a two stage affair with it restarting before any screen display. It started second attempt though and seemed ok in use. There was one instance when it started first time. I don't remember the led behaviour but I don't remember it flashing.
It should be noted that the unit would sometimes fail to start before the firmware upgrade. In this case I had to either press and hold the power button to shut down or remove the battery then retry.

I have just tried it again after the battery had topped off to a green led. On power on the fan whizzed for a second or two, there was no splash screen and everything remained pretty black. After a short while but probably not a minute it reset. Same fan behaviour, splash screen showed and normal boot. Battery was installed and it was plugged in throughout. There was no flashing led

I videoed a boot up and UI showing then shut down. I can confirm the status of the battery is 'no batt' and the led did not flash. The battery is fitted and fully charged and it was plugged into the mains

More playing soon as I have a lens adapter for ef lenses coming

Attached is now a video of the boot fail. This confirms plugged in and about 37 seconds from start to fail + no battery detected

Been playing this afternoon and it appears most of the problems with failed starts are when the mains power is plugged in, just a thought /observation. I also noted that the battery says 'no batt' for half a second or so on even a successful boot


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