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Now that the reminder of the Kickstarter cameras are shipped. Do you have an approximate estimate when we will be able to retrieve raw data from the camera? Not via SD card but some connection to a PC. Preferably Ethernet. 
If the SDK is released I don't mind writing the function myself. Any rough estimate on the SDK? No commitment expected but an indication like 3, 6 or 18 months?


--- Quote from: tretee on August 31, 2017, 06:10:47 AM ---Now that the remainder of the Kickstarter cameras are shipped.

--- End quote ---

Do you know something we don't? ;)

tretee must be going off the FAQ page which still says the orders will be shipped end of August.  Its obviously the end of August but most of us know that there is a two-ish week delay.

I just got my camera today.
But I do know RAW is in the works.
There is no current date for it yet. 

RAW is in the works, and we have remote RAM saving via network on our "want" list already.
Note that the Gigabit Ethernet interface is not fast enough to handle the camera's live data, it would need to be buffered and slowly downloaded.


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