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Title: White Balance in 2.1 Issues
Post by: lcombs on May 27, 2020, 06:22:25 AM
Hi, I am having some issues with white balancing. I used a white card to set a custom white balance and then took an image of a color checker. Why does it look so awful? I did not change anything from the white balance set up to the color checker image.
Title: Re: White Balance in 2.1 Issues
Post by: Nikon1 on May 27, 2020, 06:41:12 AM
Looks fine To me, White balance measured on the Grey Fields of the Checker is in fact correct.
 Might look strange because the Colors are quite muted. Thats because this seems to have an rather flat color profile.
 Such a color Profile does in fact make more work, since you will have to do Grading on every single Shot (or just set some Standard Grading up on your software), but will allow for much better results, since you have tons of control in post production / editing. For example, if the Camera Output allready had tons of Contrast and Saturation, you would have a hard time to undo it, but you can allways add effects like this.
 Attached to the post is a VERY Quick Edit of your image, i Literally just added a little bit of Color Vibrance and some Curves to do very basic Contrast and Level correction, and it allready looks like something most Point-and-Shoot Cameras would output colorwise (good ones...).
 So what you need is propper grading, i dont see anything wrong with the image output here.  If you want to have /need even more Vibrant Colors, just push the Grading harder than i did, you have tons of room for color editing with footage that good.
 Hope this helps.
Title: Re: White Balance in 2.1 Issues
Post by: Nikon1 on May 27, 2020, 02:55:10 PM
Played around a bit more with the Frame you posted, using AE CS6 and you can really push those Colors if you want to. This time Using a Color Convertor for Log Color Profiles and adding Saturation and Vibrance. Blacks are almost absolute Black and White is 100% White in this one. I think you could push colors even more, but i think much more wouldnt look very natural anymore (For anything else than a color chart, for example skin tones or something like that).