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Title: Procedure for RAM upgrade
Post by: ClaudeZ on November 17, 2022, 07:21:19 AM
Hello Everyone,

I just bought a pre-owned Chronos 1.4C 8 Gb camera as I want to explore what can be done by this amazing thing. It is really exciting and I was impressed by all the videos on YouTube. This camera is close to be brand new and was used only a couple of times (lucky me)
When I received my camera the FW version was 0.3.x  and as usual I upgraded it to the latest FW version 0.7.x, The process was easy and smooth. Well documented and I read many of your posts on this forum. Thank you all for that.

Then I decided to go one step further and to upgrade the RAM. I read carefully the post explaining the kind of RAM that is required and I found a Micron 16GB DDR3 PC3-12800 SODIMM Micron MT16KTF2G64HZ-1G6A1 module that should meet the requirements.
I installed it in addition to the 8GB module and started the camera. The camera booted correctly but was indicating 0 Gb, I found that I didn't inserted the two modules correctly. I re-opened the camera, re-engaged the modules, then the camera was displying the KT logo, looping forever .. I tried all combinations possible and went back to the initial configuration with my original 8 Gb module. No way, it is still showing the KT logo forever  :'(.  I tried to charge the battery 100% SoC , I tried with the A/C adapter alone with/without battery. I though I damaged the main PCBA therefore I removed all the RAM modules and the camera could boot completely showing "0Gb" so I was a bit releived. I am currently running out of ideas. I may have damaged the 8Gb module but usually they are robust and I am a careful guy. I will buy new ones but before that any idea or recommendation would be welcomed. I read many posts but I may have missed some of them.
Sorry for this rather long first post  :o
Title: Re: Procedure for RAM upgrade
Post by: Nikon1 on November 17, 2022, 08:58:45 AM
I dont really know if you actually damaged anything, but there are a Few more things to try, before i personally would give up trying myself:
 1. Probably not a good idea to Mix and Match RAM. I honestly am not 100% sure anymore, if it is supported in theory (There was some Post a good while ago from someone from Krontech or even David himself, talking about a 24GB Memory Configuration, but would need to look that up.), but i would not run that. Either stay with the 8GB or go with 2x16GB if you bother upgrading yourself. RAM is not all That Expensive anymore, and you can always limit Recording time in the Settings if you feel like it.
 Make sure all Ribbon Cables and other Connectors are Fully Inserted and properly Connected.
 For Testing i would start with the Hardware Setup as you got it (Last known working State), meaning the 8GB in whatever Slot the Stick was when still working as intended.
 If the Next few steps dont work, buy 2x16GB Sticks, but brand New, matched ones from some Known Working Brand (in case you actually fried the original 8GB one and the 16GB one you bought somehow) and Repeat trying if needed.
 Before Buying new ones, maybe also Post an Image of the One you already bought, just to verify its the Right one.
 2. Get your Hands on a new Name Brand Micro SD card of 32GB Size and Flash a brand New Firmware Installation onto it with your PC. Directions on how to do so can be found on the Forum with some Searching. Remove the Second Micro SD Card on the BOTTOM OF THE CAMERA (Firmware / OS Card, not the One for saving Footage on top!). Put Fresh installed New Card in, but keep the Original Card in a Save Place, and do not throw it away, delete or Tamper with whatever Is on there, might still need it, as the Original Calibration files should still be on there, and if the Problem was not the SD Card, but actually the Camera Hardware, i would still want to run the Original Card over the New one.
 Try to Power on the Camera/ boot with new OS installation on New card, first with the Original RAM Setup, later maybe with new RAM if it wont work.
 3. If the New Flashed OS does not work out, you can still try, if removing the Battery ON the Mainboard and Putting it Back in changes anything (See image at:
 If nothing of the Above works, i would start to consider if Any of the Cameras Hardware itself is Damaged (Speaking Mainboard or any of the Processors). From what you described (Looping Start Screen), its very possible the Original Install of the Firmware just broke (Software on there) or the Firmware Card Broke (SD Card Failed on an Hardware Level, rare but happened to someone here if i recall correctly).
 Report your Findings from trying all of that, maybe there is anything more to try depending on what happens.
 Also, i personally really dont mind People posting a little Longer, but then Complete Questions etc. on here. Actually Prefer it. Its still a lot easier than someone just Posting "Bought used 1.4, installed new RAM, now it will not boot" kind of Question without any more Info, and then everyone trying to help needing to ask a Dozen Questions first, to even get to a Point of where actual Advice or Help can be given without just Wild guessing Stuff; leading to Probably more Text overall than just a Detailed Question in the First Place.
 So you are good there, absolutely.
Title: Re: Procedure for RAM upgrade
Post by: ClaudeZ on November 17, 2022, 10:23:53 AM
Bingo !
I have now a Chronos 1.4C 24Gb up and running.  ;D ;D

Thank you Nikon1 for the the idea to reflash the SD card.
I was a bit skeptical about this proposal because the camera was booting correctly with no RAM installed  but was hanging up each time a RAM module was there with the KT logo looping forever. So my initial thought was that the firmware was OK... But if you ask for advices and you don't follow them what is the logic ?
My original 8 Gb module was intalled at the initial position, I flashed the SD card and ... it worked !!! Ouff...

Then I tried my 16 Gb module alone > OK
And I tried both modules together  16 + 8 > OK  ;D
So I can confirm that with FW 0.7.0 the 24Gb combination is working. I shot a short video to cross check just in case. And I will post something if I discover a problem in the future.

I can also confirm that  this 16Gb module works: Micron 16GB DDR3 PC3-12800 SODIMM Micron MT16KTF2G64HZ-1G6A1
I do understand the recommandation to use modules that were already tested by the community and thank you for the pictures on the various posts but unfortunately none of them were available here (btw I am in France). Then I had to find another solution. It is true that RAM modules  are not expensive but finding 16Gb  in one unique module is an issue. But these Micron modules are rather cheap and easy to find on the bay therefore I decided to give them a try .
I will add a picture as it can help somebody else.

One recommandation for those who want to  experience the RAM upgrade. Remove the battery and put it aside. Then  test your camera with the A/C adapter. I am saying that because during my tests I was using the battery and few times I started to open the camera and disassemble it with the battery inside. Mainly because I was obsessed about my trials that I forgot to remove it. This is not a good idea to disassemble anything with a battery plugged, you can damage your device. Putting the battery aside and far prevented me to do this.
The second thing is to take care of how your are dressed. If you are wearing too much synthetic clothes you have the risk to send an electrostatic discharge  (ESD) to your camera and you can ruin it. I changed my jacket for these operations as I knew this jacket could charge/discharge easily...

That's it and many thanks again Nikon 1 , you saved my day !!

Title: Re: Procedure for RAM upgrade
Post by: Nikon1 on November 17, 2022, 10:47:13 AM
No Problem, trying to help where i can.
 Can very much Confirm, that you Should do whatever you can to make sure to not work on the Insides of the Camera with the Main Battery Installed in it.
 Also dont Hurry, take your Time, you can easily break stuff inside there if not careful.
 And while i myself am not super paranoid about ESD, its still a topic that should not be completely ignored. Working in or around Carpet and certain types of Cloth are absolutely to be avoided.
 Regards Type of RAM, i personally also just went with whatever i could find. Given you get the Right Type, i dont really see why it should not work, but unless you or someone else actually Tried, its still somewhat of a risk technically.
 Good to hear you got it working though, have lots of fun with it for a long time!
Title: Re: Procedure for RAM upgrade
Post by: ivandan on November 21, 2022, 07:07:57 AM
Is it possible to make Chronos 2.1 from 8Gb to 32Gb?
Title: Re: Procedure for RAM upgrade
Post by: Nikon1 on November 21, 2022, 01:49:06 PM
Yes, but you need to open the Camera.
 If you never done this or anything alike, be very Careful to not damage anything inside.
 Other than that its pretty easy, just put in more RAM.
 Camera takes Standard Laptop Memory, so upgrading to 16GB is easy.
 Upgrading the Camera to 32GB is a bit more Difficult, as you need to find two Memory Sticks with 16GB Per Stick (2x 16GB), but other than that nothing much to it.