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Software Dev / Re: Chronos V0.7.0 Full Release
« on: March 13, 2022, 07:12:57 PM »
Hope everyone is doing well!

We've released update 0.7.2 with some more bugfixes:

  • When NFS or SMB shares are configured for saving footage to networked drives, the camera will automatically re-connect to the shared drive on reboot
  • NFS or SMB credentials configured on the Webpage will be synced with what's shown on the camera's built-in display

As usual, this update is available via Util -> Storage -> Apply Software Update, or with the full sd card image here:

We are having randomly some freeze of the camera.

We have two cameras at a location that create a digital experience (simulation of wind on the face).
Both units produce randomly the same symptom:
  • Back screen frozen
  • Loss of network (therefore all api timeout/unresponsive)

Here the settings:
Code: [Select]
Camera Model: CR14-1.0
Serial Number: 01946
Color Release Version: 0.7.0
FPGA Revision: 3.25
PMIC Firmware Version: 11
Sensor Temperature: 44.5 C
System Temperature: 48.1 C
Last Shutdown Reason: 49: AutoPwrOff, Software, PMIC Ack
Windows/SMB Net. Storage: IP: / Mount: Chronos_Footage User/Pass: ****/****

To work around those; we have put some programmable socket to turn off/turn on the camera every day, but still happens randomly.
We have usage of ~20/30 videos daily.

The mechanism of our software that handles the camera:
  • Connect to the camera via API on software start (only once a day on control station start)
  • If camera respond; inject config and proceed to black calibration
  • If camera respond but inject config API/black calibration are failing; reboot camera via API
  • On-demand, once fully configured and response properly; we launch a record
  • Record process: start record
  • Record process: stop record
  • Record process: push file to network storage
  • Record process: clean camera storage

Please advise.

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