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Thank you both very much for taking the time to reply glad you said yes as it's already been posted. Yea I thought it might be a sort of universal type thing but as I don't know much about electrics and given the price of the thing I didn't want to take any chances. Thanks again!

I have only used my 2.1 hd a couple of times so far so I'm not that familiar with its different leads and whatnot. I have gone away on a 6-week trip forgot my 2.1 hd charger so I need to it be sent out to me.

The problem is I'm not sure of what it looks like. Can someone please confirm it's the charger in the picture for me. Thanks in advance.

Ah yes sorry. I forgot to add that detail  :-[ It's a Nikon F mount lens. Cheers!

Old thread I know but my Cronos has only just arrived  ;)

I have just ordered the Sigma 1.8 18 -35mm and I'm having a little trouble finding an appropriate adapter for it with manual aperture control. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.  :D

Thanks again Nikon1! that's an absolute wealth of information right there. I really appreciate you taking the time to relay all that information to me. Theres a lot there for me to get stuck into.

I'm about to order the Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM 'A' Art Lens with the Nikon mount. I will use this lens the most but I will also require a macro and tele lens a bit further down the line for sure so thanks for the advice once again.  ;D ;D ;D

Thanks for the detailed response. I completely overlooked the fact my lens do not have manual controls for pretty much anything other than the zoom on the on so with this new knowledge I do think it's impractical to use them or adapt them for use in any way. I read the Sigma 50mm - 100mm 1.8 and the Sigma 18mm - 35mm 1.8 work well. I don't think they are outrageously expensive either so I'll look into them. If you have any recommendations on lens please let me know and thanks again for your time. 


Is there any way to fit sony e mount lenses to the 2.1 hd?

I really don't fancy buying a whole new set of lenses for this camera. Has anyone done this yet?

Thanks in advance.

Kyle  :D

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