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General high-speed discussion / Re: Lights on the go
« on: September 11, 2020, 01:57:04 PM »
Thanks for the quick info already guys!

For scenes, we're looking at 6-12 sq-in, so we don't need a large area of light, which helps! At the higher speeds, we're also looking at events that create some light themselves (namely muzzle flashes, gasses going through compensators, etc.), so we have gotten by with mostly black backgrounds and picking up the bits of light which are more important to us.

Buy-charge-click on is preffered, and I didn't notice that the one Godox light in the Chronos was battery powered the first time I looked! But we're cheap, um, I mean efficient with our money use...

The Stratus "mount on a board, attach a battery, plug in a switch and a pot" get up is about as "DIY" as we'd want to get, and that actually looks pretty good... I might go that route if nothing easier/cost effective comes about...

Thanks for your help guys!

General high-speed discussion / Lights on the go
« on: September 11, 2020, 01:21:13 PM »
I've searched this and a couple other forums, but didn't find anything that fit our needs... I'm looking for battery powered light that will help recording outdoors on-the-go.

I see tons of options for plug in movie quality lighting, I see tons of options for people who bought LED's and rigged their own home-brew power sources, etc. I see no options for affordable (<$300) hand held, push the button, let there be light. Help please?!?!!??

I've tried a few "tactical flashlights", and they all flicker except for a "Nitecore P16 TAC" which has a 100% duty cycle at max brightness. But it's only 1000 lumens, and it helps, but not bright enough for the 6-20kfps videos we're doing. Anybody know of anything off the shelf that will work for me?

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