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Chronos User Discussion / M43 mount
« on: September 01, 2021, 04:48:42 AM »
The one and only thing keeping me from buying the Chronos 2.1, is I can not use my Voigtlander M43 f0,95 lenses.
I wrote some posts are about M43 mount, even a 3D printable self made one. But no newer well built solutions.
I did some calculations. My voigtlander lenses need 4,2 mm clearance, for not hitting the inside. I assume this is for all M43 th lenses.
If you go frome the Chronos 2.1 CS mount, with an adapter to M43 you have about 6,724 mm to use between the camera and lens.
Just measured my interchangeable M43 mount from my Zcam, witch is 9.4 mm high. Probably because of the electronics inside e.a.
if it was 2.676mm thinner I could use it.
theoretically it wouldn't be too difficult to make an adapter, about like the CS to C (5mm thick.)
What could be the reason there is non?
Is Chronos working on one?  Maybe with active lock?
Hope it will come soon.
ideas are welcome

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