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Chronos User Discussion / Missing Backfocus screw
« on: September 22, 2021, 06:51:21 AM »
Hi all!

I bought a second-hand Chronos 1.4 last year. It was in pretty great condition at a reasonable price (not quite a bargain, but cheaper than new). Looked like it had barely been used actually, with some very outdated software version on it. I've been spending a bit of time getting around it and it's been really enjoyable.

Anyway- to the point: I had tremendous trouble focusing with it, and eventually worked out that's because it has no back focus screw! It's just an empty hole, so the lens easily spins within the C-lens mount while focusing/zooming/aperture adjustment. Whoever packed it up and sent it obviously didn't include it, but that's the magic of selling something 'as is' with 1 or 2 photos attached.

From the manual, I can see that it's described as some sort of brass rod that screws down and locks in the lens at your set distance. Does anyone have the dimensions of this rod?? I suppose I could butcher something together but I don't want to damage anything if it's got a specialist way of locking into the lens thread. Or is there another clever way around this? Thanks!!

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