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Software Dev / Raw video format
« on: December 20, 2017, 04:15:30 PM »
As probably evident I'm one of the main people working on the raw saving pipeline. One of the issues that I'm facing is what the output format should be and I'd like input on what would work best.

Right now I'm mainly working on getting DNG/TIFF working. DNG may be required for the bayer-encoded colour cameras but otherwise the two are interchangeable.

DNG/TIFF have different ways of being implemented including saving a series of images and saving all the images into a single file.

One option that I'd love to implement is the lossless-jpeg format available in DNG as it may be reasonable to do this either on the FPGA or using the DSP or video pipeline on the main CPU. LZW, PackBits, ZIP and gzip are also available for TIFF but details on what software accepts is difficult to track down.

Are there any other formats which would also work or would be more ideal?


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