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Chronos User Discussion / Resolution other than in manual
« on: May 01, 2022, 05:51:44 AM »
I have a question regarding resolutions: In the manual (1.4 and 2.1) the example resolutions have a lower vertical limit of 640 pixel. Can anyone confirm, that also a resolution less than 640 pixel is possible.

Example: the smallest resolution/framerate combination in the 2.1 manual is 640x96 at 24.046 fps.
Is it possible to record at e.g. 288x212 also at 24.000 fps.
Or is the minimum horizontal resolution 640 pixel?
I hope my question is clear enough.

Hello all,
I don't have a Chronos (yet) but another HighSpeed Cam from PCO. The limiting factor when shooting multiple scenes is the time it takes to save the buffer via USB to disk.
On the forum I read a lot about Chronos saving speeds with different file formats and storage media and I feel that this would affect me heavily when I get a Chronos.

Would the following suggestion increase the saving speed (mainly a questions for the Krontech devs):
Instead of converting the RAW image data from the RAM into h264, DNG, ... do the following: dump the data from the RAM exactly as it is in the RAM (no conversion to any file format).
One would end up with a huge binary dump on the storage medium.
Later - on the computer - one could convert this binary dump into h264, DNG, ...
I have the feeling that the conversion from RAW to an image format is a time consuming step for the FPGA in the Chronos. If this step is "outsourced" to a computer, would it make continuous shooting faster?
It's just an idea, but I would use it right away with every high speed cam I ever used.
Thanks for reading my suggestion, I am really interested if this would be feasible.

Chronos User Discussion / Footage right out of the camera
« on: December 17, 2017, 01:32:50 PM »
Hi forum,
this is my first post and I am heavily thinking about getting a Chronos from the next batch.

I would be very interested to get a Chronos movie "right out of the camera". I mean the original file, without any postprocessing or YouTube recopression. If anybody knows where I could download such a file, I would be happy to know.

I'm also happy to share my emailaddress by PM to get some footage per mail. I'm interested in file size (although this has been discussed) and overall image quality comparing the color and bw model.

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