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Chronos User Discussion / Accessories! (User designed ones)
« on: September 04, 2017, 03:42:17 AM »
Keep forgetting to put this up.
A week or two ago I made a laser cut 'splash shield' for the camera.  It's made from 3mm acrylic and is designed to protect both the ports on the side, exposing only power and trigger but mostly to keep water out of the front intake vents.  Air is drawn in through the bottom on the left and exhaust it through the top and right.
It was made to be used on a tripod, not sitting directly on a flat surface. And I'm assured that it won't block airflow to any amount that matters.

The idea was just to stop casual splashing, for example, using the camera near a swimming pool, throwing rocks in buckets, waterballons and other places where flying droplets and small splashes are involved. It's not to protect the lens, just stop water from being pulled into the camera by the fan and keep dust out of the side ports.

Everything mounts with 6, M4 bolts/screws/whatever you wish.. If you countersink the holes you can make for quite a clean install. If your extra worried, put some tape over the top between the acrylic and camera, as well as over the SD card slot and microphone(Or even over everything).  The hole in the center is 40mm by about 12mm deep) and fits at least the standard Prime lens and even larger ones I have.  The flatter one should give more clearance. Or you can make the 40mm hole a bit larger on the top plate, up to, say, 45mm or so(Just enough to overlap with the lower mounts).
The side plate is the only tricky bit, it's mirrored amd made to be cut from the back with the two audio ports 1.5mm deep engraves rather than full cuts.

I have other versions that include only the port guard and  just the splash guard that fits tighter to the front(Has only 1 instead of 2 stand-offs and don't use the side connections) that if interested I can post too.  Or even the original .svg with all the messy work. :)

And in case you haven't been following this build for a long time. Here is one of David's early ones.
3D printed case, older sensor, bunch of other changes but hey, that looks like a camera we might like to buy if only he'd run a Kickstarter or something.. :)

Anyone commented on this and now have an order for one?
Or failing that, how many of us found out about this from /before/ the prototypes were sent out across Youtube?

Chronos User Discussion / EV Tables?
« on: July 06, 2017, 12:04:07 AM »
Because this is a non-standard sensor/application, would it be an idea to start working out exposure/shutterspeed/f-stop tables?   ( )

I'm very new to 'real' cameras, this is be my first one that isn't a point-and-shoot or a mobile phone so I've been asking around and trying to get an idea of how different factors interact. (I am finding out about the problem with depth on field and low F-stops.  *grumble*)

There seems to be a way to combine  light levels, your lens's f-stop and the sensor to give what shutter-speed(And thus framerates) you can expect/should use.
Or the other way, where given a lighting condition and desired shutter speed, what f-stop lens you would need to give enough light to have this work

I know these are meant to be ball-park figures and your final settings are done on the day, but it would be nice to have at least a basic chart showing roughly what you can do with what lens at what lighting level and to at least give you somewhere to start when playing with the camera.

Or is this all basically irrelevant in this application and it's purely a try different lenses until you find one that you like?

Chronos User Discussion / SD Card Speeds
« on: June 28, 2017, 08:48:29 AM »
There used to be another thread about SD cards I can't find.. Please move this comment if it's obvious!
What is the maximum rate the camera can write out to a card? Is it worth getting things like the SanDisk Extreme's with their 90MB/s write speeds or will it have no benefit over the cheaper 40MB/s ones?

And what about writing to a USB drive? Any advantage over SD card vs. USB speed wise, or is the limitation the encoder?

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