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Chronos User Discussion / Workflow - Time
« on: December 22, 2018, 10:49:37 PM »
Hi everyone.  I've been following this amazing little camera since just before the Kickstarter campaign ended.  The product has come a long way (congrats to the development team) and I've appreciated all of the contributors posting information, samples, and helpful tips for the user community.

Iím getting much closer to adding this camera to my kit and thereís only one outstanding issue Iím grappling with - time.  Iíve read older posts that indicate some shots can take 30 minutes or longer to export from the camera.  During that period, you canít do anything but twiddle your thumbs and wait.  Is this correct?  Is there a bottleneck in workflow caused by the camera?

I have an open request for high speed analysis of firearm functionality (custom builders & loaders).  My concern is the length of time it would take from when the video is shot to when it could be viewed.  And then, how quickly another take could be filmed.

I have fast computers (MacPro 12-core cylinder) and HDDs (Thunderbolt and SAS arrays) available which are racked and mobile for handling processing.  The wildcard for me is how much time in the workflow the camera will add.  Can anyone share their experience with this?

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