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I've had this issue on my Chronos 1.4 since I got it. If there is a dark-ish scene with a bright light source/object, everything in the horizontal band of the highly exposed area gets darkened.
Here's a video to showcase the issue (see 10s and onwards):

This was probably shot at 12dB gain on v0.3.1 firmware, 1024x576. Standard issue Computar lens.

I've done some testing to determine at what settings this does and doesn't happen:
1280xanything: Only happens with >0dB gain
All other resolutions are affected by this at 0dB and other gains.

Black cal doesn't seem to influence it.

Is this an issue with all 1.4s? I haven't seen anyone else here complain about it.

Chronos User Discussion / Corrupted SD card
« on: June 28, 2019, 01:25:58 PM »
I plugged my SD card in today after filming some days ago. What I saw is in the screenshot attached.
I don't recall doing anything that could corrupt the card like removing power or removing the card while the camera's on.
I don't think I've lost much. I saved some pretty huge files (most of the 8 seconds record time at 720p) and I only had a few GB left on the 32GB card that I got with the camera. I think those large ones are missing from the file list. As you can see in the 2nd screenshot, a lot of the videos are still present (and do play perfectly). There are some that have an odd name and these also play fine.

I was wondering if anybody had encountered this before and knew how it happened or how to recover lost files. I've tried copying some of the corrupt files and Windows won't let me (it complains about the file name).

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