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quick question:

I just received an invoice by our beloved customs agency informing me of a misdeclaration of taxable item (I declared the Chronos 1.4 as a "digital camera") and a new re-classification as video camera, which would result in an extra sum of 125 Euros.

Besides the fact my purchase and customs declaration happened over 3 years ago and a general tax free processing of video cameras which aren't able to record more than 30 minutes (of "real time". I bought the 16Gbyte version, so, I'm at 8 seconds "real time" recording):

The Chronos, by itself, can't record audio, I think? The inbuild microphone is just for acoustic trigger purposes? Can someone official please confirm this?
What are the plans for the line-in? Does it allow real audio/video recording, sometime in the future? Even at higher framerates or just at, say, 30fps?

Because: If the Chronos wouldn't be able to record audio by itself, it shouldn't be necessarily declared as a video camera. Instead, it'd be more like a digital (photo) camera (without sound recording capability) taking fullframe photos in high succession, much like "continuous drive" on photo cameras  ;D.
I know, this is weird argumentation, but I think our customs made a mistake there, with the classification.

If I can prove, the Chronos can't "record reality continuously", for longer than 30 minutes (e.g. in HD) and isn't capable of audio recording by itself, it should be clear it's not your standard video camera.

I'm understandably slightly upset about this, I think other german Chronos buyers might get an invoice like that as well, so, it'd be nice to have certainty about this  :)

All the best

Greetings, these question are for the developers:

- Is there a folder naming bug when exporting to eSATA when the drive is Fat32 formatted?

After doing some eSATA export tests yesterday, using ext3 filesystem, today I tried to redo some tests using the same drive, Fat32 formatted (it's an old WD Raptor 10k drive, 74Gbytes in size, Clustersize is set to 64 sectors == 32Kbytes).

While saving to the SD card always resulted in folders named e.g. "vid_2018-12-31_16-22-09" (and I assume the ext3 folders were named like this as well, didn't check them, but never got an error like this), with Fat32 I can save only once!
The second export always cancels with "Recording failed: File exists", the reason being the raw-file folder wasn't named with the current date/time, it's simply named "vid_2018" (reboots, replugs, etc didn't change this).

The first video is also lost in that moment, the folder only contains the first .dng-file afterwards, 0-byte sized. All .dngs from the first, successful save are gone.

My second question:

- Is it somehow possible to e.g. set 1280x720 while recording "slower", meaning less fps than the default 1500?

Or was the philosophy to skip frames in post to reduce the slow-down of motion?
Sometimes 1280x720 @ 400 fps would be nice to have "in camera", I think :)
(Maybe I just didn't find the setting?)

And all the best for 2019, see you all on the other side! :)

Chronos User Discussion / Adapting other lenses to C-mount
« on: November 11, 2017, 02:10:15 AM »
Greetings from germany  :)

I was wondering: Did any of you ever encounter a C-mount (body) to Sony E-mount (lens) adapter?
Liks this one for a Nikon lens (which I already have):

If not, since there is a C-mount to Sony A-mount adapter by Fotodiox, are there simple adapter "rings" out there, which only "switch" bayonets from E to A-mount?
Something like this maybe:
So that my "adapter chain" would look like this:
Kronos - C-mount (body) to A-mount (lens) - bayonet switch from A-mount to E-Mount - E-Mount lens  ;D

OR would it be possible to simply refit an E-Mount bayonet to my C-mount to Nikon adapter? Anyone ever tried that? Easy? Fogettaboutit?

I already searched quite a while yesterday and know there are no direct C-mount to E-mount adapters by the big names (metabone, novoflex, K&F, thorlabs, fotodiox, quenox, vello, kipon, kenko, etc) so, Obi Wan, you're my only hope  :D

Thanks for any help!!
All the best

PS: Attached the example pics now as well, if they should move in the interwebs.

Chronos User Discussion / Chronos delivered in Germany
« on: September 12, 2017, 03:20:46 PM »
Greetings fellow Kronors,

my main batch camera was delivered today (tuesday 12th), it's at my parents, I'll be there on friday to check it out ;)

Customs was handled via DHL Express (got my customs notice from them on sept. 7th), they needed me to sign a permission first (to have the delivery processed on my behalf) and, as expected, it was "only" 19% tax to pay at the door/at delivery (and about 15 Euros DHL handling fee). No additional customs taxes on imported "digital cameras", that hasn't changed.

I'll be using lenses from my photo camera collection mostly, Nikon, some other brands, need to check what works best.

Lighting will come from my numerous geo-caching throwers ;D

I think it was mentioned before: Thank you, David, for making it all possible :)

All the best

PS: Backer # 83

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