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Chronos User Discussion / Lens Mount for Chronos camera
« on: May 05, 2021, 07:48:47 AM »
Hello everyone, I found a factory that makes adapters for the red camera, made them a request to make an adapter for our camera, they agreed on the condition that there will be a batch of 100 pieces in total, they can make for EOS-Chronos, M3/4-Chronos, AI-Chronos.
One of these days, they will redo the 3d model of red for chronos, all the information that will appear will be updated here. They can orient themselves on the price as soon as they make a 3D model (the more they do, the lower the price)

Also tell me what is your distance from the camera body to the adapter (example below in the photo) ?
Is this distance the same for all lenses? (which are given above)

Write messages below example:
2. EOS-Chronos, AI-Chronos

Chronos User Discussion / Replacing the screen with chronos
« on: May 03, 2021, 12:33:00 PM »
An idea appeared in my head to replace the chronos screen with a better one, because if the shooting is for a client he wants to see a good picture and it will become more convenient for himself to work.
Maybe someone watched which monitor model was there, maybe a foot noticed on the monitor from SmallHD or Atomos

Chronos User Discussion / Create light for high-speed shooting 1500w
« on: January 14, 2021, 04:13:19 PM »
He started developing his own light for high-speed video shooting. I finally got my LED (1500w 36v, $550) and a radiator for cooling ($200). Now the task is to combine all this to find a pwm with high khz for dimming and develop a complete system for cooling this LED.

Chronos User Discussion / speed of turning on the camera
« on: December 12, 2020, 09:37:36 AM »
Maybe it was discussed already, but I didn't find any more precise information. My camera takes too long to load, I read that the operating system is installed on the micro SD. If I replace this flash drive with a faster one, will the camera load faster? SanDisk micro SD up to 275 read and write
Now my camera can turn on for about 3-7 minutes.

Has anyone tried it yet?

Chronos User Discussion / Review of Chronos 2.1
« on: October 05, 2020, 03:10:08 AM »
A small review of Chronos 2.1 and my frustrations after the purchase

I bought a camera to train and promote myself as a slow mo operator, the wait for the camera was long 8 months, but not justified. Yes,for this price there is no camera, but all the others are more expensive, but you could do better and better and a little more expensive

1. the most terrible screen I've seen (even the screen on the Sony a7iii camera is just perfect), the screen sensor also works on 4 out of 10. When connecting an external monitor the camera can just hang out and help only restart (tried different HDMI and then connected the included camera and monitor, turn on the camera - connect monitor - included monitor and camera still hangs)

2. Saving from the camera to a USB flash drive, provided that from the stick to computer material saves very quickly, so then it's probably just the camera itself

3. the image quality is just awful, vertical stripes in all modes at 0 dB, and if you increase the dB, then horizontal stripes also appear. Only post-processing noise reduction helps, i.e. if you are shooting a commercial shoot and the customer is standing next to you, they will be shocked by what they see.

4. white balance why do such a stupid selection of Kelvins I do not understand why you can not put the slider with a change of 100 when shifting is not clear.

5. The cooling system is very very very noisy, in a couple of hours your head will be buzzing, as if you are using an old computer from 2000.

6. mount lenses with-mount - how could you think of in our time to make such a terrible mount lenses, there are so many different variations of Canon Nikon and many others that live well in our world now.

A little bit about the sore point and what I was able to see in the camera for my period of operation (week), I think there will be more. I will update the review over time

Advice for those who want to buy cameras for Commerce and develop in shooting ads - Oh, collect money and buy a phantom (better used phantom than the new Chronos 2.1)

Chronos User Discussion / rec time stop
« on: October 04, 2020, 01:30:18 AM »
I searched on the form and couldn't find the topic

Maybe someone knows where there is an instruction that after filling the RAM, the recording stops, and does not do it in a circle?

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