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Hi, we've recently switched from saving our images in TIFF to TIFF raw to use the full 12 bit instead of 8 bit images. However, the camera often is saving the wrong frames - the first few will be fine, but then the next frames will be from a totally different time judging from what's visible. It is quite irregular when it happens and from which frame on. What's going on there? The problem doesn't seem to appear when saving regular TIFFs.

It also seems to get worse, a few days ago it was only every few videos, now it seems to happen for each video we film.

Hi, we're imaging electric arcs with our Chronos 2.1 monochromatic. These are very bright and frequently overexpose the high-speed frames. However, when filtering the overexposed parts of the images, I noticed that the camera starts clipping the pixels at less than the maximum value the 12 bit depth allows and at differing levels for each pixel. Intentionally overexposing the whole image with a lamp shows the pattern in the attached image (colorcoded from blue to yellow for better visibilty).

This issue seems to begin at around 7 kfps at 640x240. In multiple overexposed frames recorded in the same recording, the pattern is exactly the same for each frame.

Is there a way around this or a way to calibrate for this?

Software Dev / Please synchronize frame numbers to trigger
« on: May 07, 2020, 12:05:03 PM »
The numbers of the recorded frames in the play / save dialog and when saving should correspond to the trigger, so that frame 0 is at the time of the trigger and negative frames are before, positive after. When you record a short, fast event with a trigger, as of now you either need to search it in the recording or calculate where it should be based on your trigger settings (which you hopefully haven't changed since recording). This is especially important for scientific uses, where you often want to synchronize the video with e.g. an oscillogram.

I also have some wishes for the video overlay: It would be nice to have the time information in the playback window without having to turn on the overlay for saving. And please consider an option to add the overlay information below / next to the video frames instead of overlaid, so you get the information without losing frame content.

By the way, the network control is really nice to have! In a lab environment, it's very comfortable to be able to do all the necessary work in the web view and save to a network drive without having to touch the camera!

Would it be possible to share the whole user interface of the camera via network, like in a VNC system?

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