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General high-speed discussion / Lights on the go
« on: September 11, 2020, 01:21:13 PM »
I've searched this and a couple other forums, but didn't find anything that fit our needs... I'm looking for battery powered light that will help recording outdoors on-the-go.

I see tons of options for plug in movie quality lighting, I see tons of options for people who bought LED's and rigged their own home-brew power sources, etc. I see no options for affordable (<$300) hand held, push the button, let there be light. Help please?!?!!??

I've tried a few "tactical flashlights", and they all flicker except for a "Nitecore P16 TAC" which has a 100% duty cycle at max brightness. But it's only 1000 lumens, and it helps, but not bright enough for the 6-20kfps videos we're doing. Anybody know of anything off the shelf that will work for me?

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