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Hello, I had the same problems. Unfortunately I did not find a way to access the livestream directly with OpenCV. I have attached my basic file. I have a class for the REST API comminication and for the livestream images a RTSP class. I have attached the RTSP class. Maybe this will help you. I found a good RTSP library, then it was not difficult.

Thank you Jan, it seems good but does not seem to work. What package do you use for "from component.base_component import BaseComponent" as everything I download does not work and removing it does not help either. Thanks sorry it's been a long reply

I have connected to the camera via the IP address, which has allowed me to use the web application to control the camera and record footage.

However, I want to use OpenCV in Python to use the frames in real-time.

Currently, I use the following code to connect to the camera:

cap = cv2.VideoCapture('rtsp://')     
   while True:
           ret, frame =

And it connects but "frame" is none.

I've seen other posts that use 'rtsp://admin:[email protected]' But that makes no difference the frame is always none.

Is this a problem with how the Chronos works or an OpenCV problem?

Thanks :)

Chronos User Discussion / Python OpenCV and Chronos
« on: May 09, 2022, 02:01:57 AM »
I've been trying to connect to Chronos 1.4 camera with OpenCV library using the IP address and micro USB.

Has anyone else had any success using openCV with the camera?

If I want to use Python with the camera should I not be using OpenCV. I did see there was some code on Github but I was unsure if it was a library or example code.



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