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Set the record length to whatever you want in Record Settings->Record Modes, then set the trigger delay to 0% in Record Settings->Trigger Delay. Turn off Invert and Pullups in Trigger/IO settings, then start recording and leave the camera recording. Once your TTL event occurs, it will save from the point the TTL signal went high, for the duration specified in Record Modes.

If there is any method that the recording is off until the external signal comes that the camera starts to record and last for the predefined record lenght?

I got it.
The fps in the save video only affects how fast/slow of the video plays, it does not affect the entire fps/quality of the video.The resolution affects the entire quality. That is why that have the same picture when played frame by frame.

It is also not necessary to save the video into a high fps. Saving the video at any fps, by changing the playing speed in the video player, it has the same effect.

I saved the same video into two different fps: 6 and 60, so the latter one is 10 times faster than the former video.
However, when I play these two videos frame by frame, these two videos give me the same picture, as shown in the attached picture. Can anyone help to explain why this happens?

In addition, I notice we cannot increase the fps more than 60 when saving the recorded video. If there is any way to help us save at a higher fps?

Thank you in advance.

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