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Chronos User Discussion / Heavy lenses
« on: January 22, 2021, 01:15:31 PM »
The Chronos 2.1 is heavy.  I want to attach a Nikon 80-200 mm F2.8 lens, which at almost 3 pounds is even heavier.  Based on weight, a tripod collar should be used on the lens which means that the 2.1 will be unsupported except at the screw threads between the camera nd the lens.

This sounds tenuous at best.  Any suggestions?

Chronos User Discussion / Magnification changes as FPS changes
« on: December 09, 2020, 12:39:13 PM »
Can someone please help me understand how the magnification changes as the FPS changes. I think that a FPS setting of 1280 x 720 on the Chronos 2.1 color camera means that the frame is 1280 (pixels??) wide by 720 high.  Is my thinking here correct?

If I change it to 1280 x 240, then the image is magnified because the vertical  height is reduced.  Is that correct?  If correct, there should be a fair amount of magnification.  Is there any way to calculate the amount of magnification?

If I reduce the width from 1280 to say 640, then does that also increase the magnification in addition to any magnification increase due to decreasing the height?

I need to get a lot of magnification because I'm doing macro filming of sprays. Right now the extension tubes have the lens too close to the subject and it keeps getting very wet.

Any help is appreciated.


Thanks for the reply. I wish Kron would increase the priority of some of these serious bugs.  I understand that the camera is very reasonably priced, but it's typical that when a company doesn't have much competition (at this price point for example), the level of effort/urgency to fix issues is low.

I should add that this appears to happen when the FPS is around 4000 and greater.  Also my Chronos is the color 2.1.  Thanks.

Does anyone know why the color Chronos 2.1 won't show a live view if the analog gain is greater than 6 dB?

Anyone know how to control the digital gain from the camera's webpage?  There is a way to control analog gain, but I haven't been able to find a way to control digital gain.

Chronos User Discussion / Why the vertical color bands
« on: November 17, 2020, 01:14:27 PM »

I'm starting to use my color Chronos 2.1 and I'm having trouble with  color vertical bands. The bands are much worse when I lower the exposure time.  Because I'm using the camera for scientific purposes, I need to use a low exposure time around 50 microseconds.  But I still get the bands at higher exposure times although not as strongly. Is there something I can do to get rid of these?

Chronos User Discussion / Re: Playing back high-speed video
« on: October 14, 2020, 03:25:01 PM »

Thanks for the input.

So, here's and example of what I'm going to place as text on my video for inclusion in a scientific paper:

10,488 FPS
583X Slow Motion

I've set the playback speed in AVS Editor (before producing it as a final video for distribution) at 0.3.  So since the original speed is 60 fps from the Chronos, the new speed would be 18 fps.

So, the 583X is calculated as follows:

10.488/18 = 582.67 or 583

Don't know about AVS editor being a ripoff, but for now it is meeting my needs.  It was cheap and I just couldn't justify paying monthly subscription fees for Adobe products, since I'm only producing videos for scientific purposes.

Please let me know if you think my calculations are in error.

Also, is that the correct way to phrase the degree of slow motion; i.e. 583X Slow Motion.


Chronos User Discussion / Playing back high-speed video
« on: October 14, 2020, 12:32:56 PM »
Hi All:

I just got the Chronos 2.1 last week and it is pretty cool.  But if I film something say at around 5000 fps in .mp4 format, how do I play it back?  If I use something like AVS video editor, I can only slow the speed down to .05.  I'm not sure what the speed is then.  0.05 of what?  It does seem like the higher the filming fps, the slower, in a relative sense, it plays back at a specific speed setting in the desktop software.  Ultimately my question is, how can I tell people who view my video what speed they are actually seeing, because it doesn't seem to be the speed that the video was filmed in.


Is it possible to have the Chronos 1.4 color version film in black and white by adjusting a setting on the camera itself?  Yes, I understand that the color version doesn't have quite the sensitivity or resolution as the monochrome version, just wondering if it is possible.

Thank you.  I just discovered that myself and was about to post.

Would you mind sharing how you create videos when you do want to do post processing?  Guidance on which format to save the video on the Chronos, which post processing software you use, etc. would be greatly appreciated.  I just need some guidance to get me started so that I can better understand the entire process on what needs to be done.


Well, I'm still pretty confused.

I looked at the files that VLC can open.  The Chronos allows one to save in the following formats:

Raw 16bit
Raw 12bit

When opening a file in VLC, I don't see any of these formats as options for Media Files or Video Files.

An article I read stated that .MP4 as a video container and H.264 as a codec are a good choice.

As I understand it, the Chronos only sets the codec not the video container.  Or am I not understanding something. 

Thank you, but it looks like VLC does not work with .dng files.

Like I said I have zero experience with video.  Is VLC an acronym for VLC Media Player?

Chronos User Discussion / Desktop software to playback chronos videos
« on: July 25, 2020, 05:13:17 PM »
I'm a complete newbie with video.  I just shot my first video with my Chronos 1.4.

I'm looking for easy to use desktop software which will playback the videos that I shoot.  I'm not sure how this works since there are many individual files in each of the folders.  So software which maybe allows me to select a folder and then the software will "play" all of the files at a selected speed?

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