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I finally found the time to also print this SSD holder. I forgot to add supports for the print, but my printer handled it very well even without them.
I did some very quick tests an the SSD is about twice as fast as the SD card when saving DNG files, MP4 is about the same. Currently I have it formatted to FAT32, maybe I'll "upgrade" the filesystem to EXT3 or even EXT4 and see how it does then.
However reading EXT formatted Devices from Windows sucks :D

EDIT: I just saw the mounting-holes for the m2x10 screws, what are they for? As far as I can tell the holder works perfectly fine without those screws in there...

The m2 screws are to secure the SATA cable in the SSD holder to prevent it from moving/shifting when connected to the SSD.

H.264 files will be able to be played back on most computers easily.  VLC is a great option to play back H.264 files.  CinemaDNG will save as a folder as individual DNG files and you will require some kind of software to play back these files.

As already stated by chrissie_c, Davinci Resolve is a great option.  The free version is very robust and the paid version has some great additional features.  Lightworks also has a free version as well but the free version is more limited than Resolves free software.

Another option to playback your files is to use Fast CinemaDNG. 

Please note that both Fast CinemaDNG and Davinci Resolve can be GPU hungry.

H.264 files are easier to work with and are much smaller than CinemaDNG.  They also transfer faster on the Chronos camera than CinemaDNG files.  The trade off is image quality as H.264 files are compressed.

Saving files as CinemaDNG will also increase the amount of hard drive space that you will need since these files are much larger than H.264 files.

If you are just starting, H.264 is a great format to work with until you are setup with your post production workflow and colour management workflow to handle the more robust CinemaDNG file format.

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