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Thanks, Sanjay! The curl command works perfectly.

I'm having some issues if I disable auto save though:

Recording works fine, but it doesn't play back unless I've hit hit "play" on the camera to enter the playback window.

Is there another command available, so I can switch into this mode and then start playback?

Software Dev / Web API control: /control/startPlayback results in 400 error
« on: September 11, 2020, 04:16:34 AM »

I'm doing some testing with Node.js to remote control the camera via a custom web interface.

Here's part of my Node.js code, which is inside a try/catch block inside an async function.
The recording works fine, but the startPlayback command gives me a 400 error:

I tried reading the source code of the Chronos web control panel, and it seems like the play button sends two different calls to "/control/startPlayback", changing the framerate to 60 or 0, in order to play and pause.

Is there some kind of state that needs to be toggled before I can play back the last recorded video?
Why does the Chronos web interface work, and not my Node.js code?

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