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Software Dev / Re: Chronos V0.7.0 Full Release
« on: September 09, 2021, 06:50:34 PM »
Hello Dear Community and Dear DevOPs,

First I wanna say many thanks for this Gem, The Chronos 2.1, on my hand for about 2 month now.
I did not get the time to use it much yet, it came first with version 0.6, and of course I have noticed some functions that I think needs some improvements, more on this later.

3 days ago I did flash the new 0.7 version, (not with Etcher BTW ) and .... WOW !!!
I must say I am very impressed !
I see really huge improvements on image quality, de-noising, as you all have noticed, and I can confirm noise are (nearly) history on many resolution and gain combinations. so some of the camera resolutions that were barely usable I must say, on 0.6, are now very accessible.

Now I can increase sensivity / gain without the sacrifice of quality and so I can now feel the sensor being much sensitive to light, I can close the aperture and get more decent DOF and still get enough light.

Thanks a mil for that and I cant wait for the next improvements on the future version 

1st impressions with Chronos 2.1 : WISHLIST for improvements

I am tracking thunderstorms, looking for the perfect spiders or branched lightning strike in slow-mo.
but using the very bright glittering screen in the nightime, with the high brightness UI, and the high brightness top leds, (power, trigger, charge) is really an annoyance in such a use.

so my wish / suggestion is to have a setting, in future FW releases, to have a kind of Night Mode, easy on the night eyes
   ability to disable the screen completely
   or to choose some lower brightness settings,
   and/or to disable individually the UI display temporarily (i.e. until a screen touch or a jog press )

same for the very bright and disturbing and blinding leds at the top of the Chronos :
either be able to disable them or at least  please have a software toggle/menu to make them -MUCH- more discreet, much less distracting

Other Improvement ideas :

- More custom Presets to be able to save (currently only one user custom white bal, and only one user custom matrix can be saved)
  ideally, they could be user-meaningful named presets

 - a tunable histogram, RGBL, on each channel, like in many consumer camera would be a great added value,
 - Tunable HSV cursors as well would be so simple and great, compared to the current Matrix which is rather obscure and a pain to fine tune

- screen saver : for subjects that don't have dynamic lighting intensity changes, once we have set up the aperture and checked the frame illumination is correct, we could have a way to lower the screen brightness, screen brightness adjustments, even for the UI, even enable the full screen off, to save power but keep the Chronos eiher on standby or fully ready but with screen off, yeah, because you already framed your subject.

 Not sure if you gain much on battery autonomy with this, but at least it can still be useful as a night-mode.

- make the UI disappear (user switchable, toggle UI on or off, i.e. with triple screen tap, or jog clic, or whatever)
- and maximize the frame size, enlarge the frame to full screen display

- UI only, brightness adjustments, or even allow transparency | to keep focus on the photo frame and less be distracted by the always-on UI
  I  guess Alway-on UI may burn the screen at that position with time
- if not already an existing function that I missed : allow playback of individual stored files directly from the Chronos, again more like in consumer cameras ( Read and play stored video files and not only the latest ) AFAIK, this is not possible as of version 0.7.

- Some more adjustment steps for Screen Digital Zoom with double tap screen, currently, only 2,5x is available, need more smoother steps and even higher magnifications, i.e. to achieve super precise subject focus.

- Need to be able to pan inside / across the Screen Zoom region to be able to spot an interesting subject not in frame center (currently, the screen zoom is only on the center region)

- from the Play / preview screen : Need to be able to select a frame region-crop for the final save file, thus, even less time to save the relevant region, and this enables a last optional re-framing of the subject before saving (i agree that this function can be left to the post processing software, but again if already implemented on the Chronos, it may boost the clip save speed on some situations, of course at the cost of time to set up this region)
- Video overlay : more user selectable info :
                     - True Source Original Capture Framerate 
                     - Date and Time
                     - Overlay position (enable portrait)
                     - any user free message (ideally formatted with variables, i.e. like "made by CavOkay YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS ")

and last idea, I found the camera startup time is quite noticeable, and so, to be extra super ready to shoot dynamic subjects, (insects, birds and other life forms ) we have currently no other choice but to leave the Chronos running, at the cost of battery autonomy and maybe components life, like mainly the sensor, fan noise.

so I think this Gem needs a sleep mode, with a fast wake up. of course I dont know if it can be implemented, this will involve the ability to sleep the sensor and whatever consumes power, with a real quick wake up, just like any modern laptop.

This would enable a dramatic power saving at the field and I assume it may save on the sensor life too, save on the fan noise too. Fan noise is permanent and can disturb some living and moving creatures that you want to catch as natural as possible.

i.e. imagine this situation : I am near a flower, but currently there is no insect around, so I am waiting.

Case 1 : I let the Chronos up and running + the fan noise. since there is no insect, there is no need for now to pull the trigger and record, but power will be anyhow wasted until the subject enters the flower.
If I choose to save on the battery, then currently with the current Chronos software, I will have to PowerOff.
then if the subject appears, I will probably not be ready to shoot until camera is fully booted, so maybe too late for the interesting part.

Case 2 : with a sleep mode (the one I wish), simply put the Chronos to a sleep, kinda like a laptop sleep, until the subject appears, either with low fan or even none if possible, then wake up in seconds and enjoy the extra power saved while it was sleeping.

well these are so far my thoughts for an even better Chronos, a dream Chronos,
Hope that it helps, kindly let me know what do you think about these.

One more couple things (bugs ?) about version 0.7 :
  - the restore settings did not work for me, seems broken, has anyone experienced the same ? (was not a big pain though)
  - the digital shutter aperture angle is maxed out at 357 degrees, no matter how you try to top it at 360, it definitely tops at 357.
    I guess that internally, the real value is updated and that this is some kind of rounding issue, so not a big deal of a glitch.
Well, sorry for this long post, and again, Thank you for Version 0.7 ,
and BTW congrats to everyone here with your clips, they are awesome !!


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