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Chronos User Discussion / Camera Cage / Grip
« on: July 30, 2021, 11:04:20 AM »
Episode 1 of Milling an Custom Camera Cage/ Grip for my 2.1 from a Solid Block of 7022 Aluminum.

just wondering if there are any updates on this? Is it indeed Hardware, or just Software?

Software Dev / Re: Will there ever be a 100,000 FPS version again?
« on: July 30, 2021, 07:59:13 AM »
While i am not all that good with code itself, i am also very aware of how most of the Compression Codecs work, at least on an "surface" level, not down to the Last details.  Read up a bunch of stuff about it over time. It really isnt optimized for Tiny resolutions, so support for such can be pretty bad. Never wrote any code for a camera or something like this, but had to export /import a bunch of very weird resolution Files to various Editing Software at some point, and that was quite a problem allready. From What i have seen, H.264 also doesnt seem to like absurdly extreme Aspect ratios all that much, which may also be a Problem here.
 And yes, If you can have a play with it and give some info about if that even works on the 2.1, that would be great, so i know if its worth putting my time into even trying to getting it to run on mine. Thanks!

Software Dev / Re: Will there ever be a 100,000 FPS version again?
« on: July 30, 2021, 06:58:26 AM »
I mean somewhere higher up on that same page they even say:
It can be windowed down to achieve frame rates of 700,000+ FPS.
So not quite sure about what is correct here. Also i dont know how all the other Hardware inside the Camera will handle such framerates, if it even can. Even the 300+fps are in my opinion somewhat extreme to actually expect working well, as they not even bother to give an exact resolution for that. The Sensor probably CAN somehow push those kinds of Framerates in very ideal conditions and with a lot of finetuning on Hardware and software, and perfect timings and such. But to be a bit more realistic here, even getting 125kfps working somewhat reasonably well on the 2.1 would be huge.
 The "up to 125kfps" claim i find a lot more realistic, as they give a resolution for that, and the 1.4 has prooven that it can handle framerates like that, even if not without bugs.
 For me personally i would allready be quite happy with something like 40-50kfps on the 2.1 working at least half useable.
 I would still take the 125kfps without any question, if it works however.
 .  .
 as for Saving and the H.264 Problems, i dont know if that is really an issue here. I think if the Camera will record to RAM, it should also (at least try to) save the Footage. Of course the H.264 Option for File Format shouldnt be touched when operating at such resolutions, because it probably will freeze, crash or do something else bad, but i dont see why the camera should have any problems when trying to save small resolution files to DNG format Footage, or in the Worst case just plain RAW Format and Convert on the PC later.
 Main reason why i was asking about the 2.1 however, was to see if the Hardware overall was even capable of handling ANY more than the Current Max. Framerate, no matter how badly it does. If i remember correctly, I think i read somewhere that they had to change somethings about timings somewhere in the Camera to get the 100kfps working, when they first released that in that one Firmware version that had it. So, just because the Sensor can handle it, even if all the Other Hardware can keep up with it in theory, still doesnt mean, it will just work.
 To be fair, i now also remember that main reason for the Framerate Limit was about the H.264 after you said that. So that would somewhat imply that the 2.1 will indeed run higher framerates.
 This, and the fact that sanjay specifically said that those instructions are for the 1.4 and left the 2.1 untouched in his post.
 If i set my mind to it, and put enough time and effort into it, i will eventually figure out how to do this Mod on the 2.1 (i assume only thing to change on the Instructions above would be the Sensor Name? from what i understand, it basically just changes the Minimum allowed resolution to be smaller, and the camera then on its own figures out that it can run a lot faster, so that should be the only thing keeping it from doing that in the First place. Once that Min. Resolution Limit is gone, it should in theory just start recording when i tell it to. Getting the Footage off the Camera is an whole other beast to tame with the H.264 Limits and such, but even if i can just watch the Playback on the Internal Screen, i will still be able to figure out a lot more temporal Detail of what is going on, from the Footage. If it plain out wont save at all for some Reason, i can still just Hook up some Kind of HDMI Recorder and let the Camera Play back the Footage. So how to save the Footage is for now not really that much of a concern for me). But as i also allready mentioned above, i am not all that good with code and stuff and avoid command-Line stuff like this wherever i can. So, it would be nice to know if someone, who is more capable than me around code stuff, actually tries this on an 2.1; if it does work or not. Would potentially save me like a day or  two at worst (This doesnt seem all that bad from Reading over it briefly, so might just be an Afternoon, but can end up taking me like forever if i get stuck somewhere).

Software Dev / Re: Will there ever be a 100,000 FPS version again?
« on: July 29, 2021, 07:23:11 PM »
Wow, huge thanks for providing that info!
 Will this work on an 2.1 also?
 I am aware, that the 2.1 will be nowhere near able to match the 100kfps of the 1.4 just from Sensor Hardware Limitations, as far as i remember that correctly, but i mean is there Any more Framerate to be gained on the 2.1 or is this Mod working on the 1.4 only?
 Thanks anyways however, i am sure this will help a bunch of 1.4 owners out a lot, that just want to go as fast as the hardware possibly can.

Chronos User Discussion / Re: Time tagging
« on: July 20, 2021, 06:13:08 AM »
As far as I know, the Cameras on-board Wallclock-time is only used for filenames and can't be embedded in the videos. Also, It's not really precise.

 I did save the Same Recording from RAM multiple times to different File Formats, and it will create Files with date and time Labeled after the moment you press the Save-Button on the UI (don't know how it exactly works for remote Controlled Saves), so that should be correct.

Chronos User Discussion / Re: Post Chronos 2.1 clips here!
« on: July 17, 2021, 08:40:31 PM »
2 more movies made with the chronos 2.1
It is a very nice camara to work with

I have some more on my channel
Very nice videos.
 After seeing the video from your third link, i wanted to also shoot something like that. So here is my try on capturing the Leidenfrost-Effect.
 However, i think my surface wasn't quite hot enough for the Best Effect and also my drops seem to have been bigger than yours in the Video.
 Shot at different Framerates from 2142fps to 4230fps.

Chronos User Discussion / Re: How does the Color Matrix work?
« on: July 15, 2021, 11:24:14 AM »
Do you use the Internal Monitor or an External one?
 Just from my personal experience the internal Monitor is mostly "good enough" to set your frame up and pull focus when using Digital Zoom Feature.
 But i found that i did really struggle with proper Exposure until i was able to have a Histogram on my External Monitor at all times.
 Exposure is just somewhat hard to judge on the Built-In Screen if you are going for the Best footage the Camera can Capture, also Color looks off on the Internal Screen. Not by a ton, but just enough that someone who doesn't know a lot about color would even notice. And i absolutely trust my SmallHD 502 Bright over the Built-in Screen regards Colors and such.
 So if you rely on the Internal Screen only For White Balance or color settings you maybe have a hard time, indeed.  Now i also Usually only shoot in Daylight /with Daylight LEDs with good color or Tungsten Lamps, and for that the Presets usually work fine for me. Have to say, that i also try to Save as DNG if Quality of the Footage is of concern, so even if i don't hit it perfectly or just dislike how it looks, i can just go and adjust it in post.
 If you save in H.264 However, you have to be a bit more careful, if i have to do that, i would usually use the Custom Color Matrix and set it to:
 1    0     0
 0    1     0
 0    0     1
 This will give you a very Flat, desaturated color profile and usually allow for a wider range of options in Grading the Footage Later. Make sure to get the White Balance right however, as you cant really change that easily later if you are way off when working in H.264.  .

Chronos User Discussion / Re: Chronos 1.4 Footage Thread
« on: July 15, 2021, 05:51:00 AM »
Never thought 40.000 FPS are still to slow to capture every detail
Depends on what you try to shoot with the Camera, i guess, but for Gun Stuff (also glass and some other things) you can end up needing plenty of fps to capture fine Details.
 For everyone who hasn't seen that, here is a Video shot at 1 Million FPS:

only tried 0dB though. not sure what that could be caused by. Have you checked if your Firmware is corrupted again? Maybe that is broken, would be the easiest fix i guess, if that was the problem.

Did a quick test at 832x1080 and 832x456 and 832x144 at two different framerates each (starting with 1k for the First one, then setting to max FPS for set framerate, move on to next, test, set to max again), all seem to work fine on mine.

Found another Bug, which i knew about for a While now, but never took the Time to clearly test.
 Now i tested it, here is the Result/ Description of the Bug.
 Test was done on Firmware 6.0, but older Firmware had the Same Basic Problem, didnt test that however, if it behaves exactly the Same.
 So, as i used 60fps or some random lower Framerates occasionally, i noticed, that on 60fps, once you set the Framerate, the Exposure Slider will not work as intended anymore. The Thumbwheel still works, as does the Exposure Slider itself, but once you try to get to longer Exposure Times/ bigger Shutter angles, the UI starts to Glitch out. You can set maximum Exposure Time by dragging the Slider on the Touchscreen all the way up with your finger, but you will not be able to increase the Shutter angle With the Thumbwheel beyond a certain point. Once you are At Maximum Exposure however, you can use the Thumbwheel to go back down in exposure again, but not back up after that. Will still get stuck at the same Point, if you try to get back up to maximum exposure again.
 As i knew that this was showing up on 60fps, and that it got way worse on even lower framerates, but still working fine at 100fps and seemingly random, i started my testing there.
 90fps Still worked fine, at 80fps it was already showing up, so i started my testing there, and tested every whole Number Framerate it would let me set (tried 1fps, but it wouldnt even let me set that, but just freaks out and set 1kfps, so lowest i did was 2fps).
 Now, i know that everything below 50fps is very impractical to use on this camera, and also recently learned that 60fps is supposed to be the lowest officially supported Framerate by Krontech, but as i noticed that there is some pattern to how it behaves, i included it in my test here anyways, as it might provide useful information in trying to figure out what is going on and help solve the Issue.
 Tested every Whole Number of Framerate from 90 to 2.
 Below follows a list with first the Framerate(-s) and the maximum Shutter angle i was able to set with the Thumbwheel at that framerate(-s).
 Test was done on an Chronos 2.1 at Full Resolution, 0db Gain.
 90 to 86fps       working as intended
 85 to 78fps       331
 77 to 70fps       299
 69 to 63fps       270
 62 to 57fps       244
 56 to 52fps       220
 51 to 47fps       199
 46 to 42fps       180
 41 to 38fps       163
 37 to 35fps       147
 34 to 31fps       133
 30 to 28fps       120
 27 to 26fps       108
 25 to 23fps       98
 22 to 21fps       89
 20 to 19fps       80
 18 to 17fps       72
 16fps               65
 15 to 14fps       59
 13fps               53
 12fps               48
 11fps               44
 10fps               39
 9fps                 36
 8fps                 32
 7fps                 29
 6fps                 24
 5fps                 21
 4fps                 17
 3fps                 12
 2fps                 1

Software Dev / Re: FPGA - Xilinx or Altera
« on: July 08, 2021, 09:47:40 AM »
Here is a Teardown Video of the Man himself:
 Can you point out which of the Chips that would be, which are you are interrested in, with a Screenshot and some Arrows or something?
 Also check out this post i made a while ago while trying to mess around with the Cooling of the Sensor, that might even be the chip you are looking for. If not, let me know.

Chronos User Discussion / Re: HDMI output showing black only
« on: July 08, 2021, 09:37:27 AM »
ok, now i understand.
 As posted in the other thread, this is basically what i am talking about. It shouldnt really do that, thats the Bug i am Talking about.
 Whenever the Connection to an HDMI Monitor is made after Booting up, it mostly outputs a Fully Black 1080p60 Signal, no image at all, Camera still working fine otherwise. If you now unplug your HDMI Monitor again, Camera Still works just fine. You plug it back in after that again, the Camera will become unresponsive to User interaction and the Displayed Live image on the internal Screen from the Sensor will go black or freeze (not quite sure anymore) until you Hard-Power-Down the Camera and Restart it. Meaning keeping the Power Button pressed until it shuts down or completely remove Power from the Camera.
 After a Restart it will work normally again.
 This is what i describe in the other Thread, could you try to recreate that Freezing of the Camera with HDMI?
 How i got it to Output a Working HDMI Signal reasonably reliable (there are still a couple of times where it would also freeze the Camera Randomly from that, requiring an Reboot once or twice), was to Plug the HDMI Monitor into the Camera, but Still have it Shut down. Then Push the Power Button on the Camera to boot up the Camera. Wait until fully booted, only then Power up your Monitor.
 Displayed Image (not the UI, that stays) on the Internal Screen will go black for a short bit, come back again, then again go black for a Short bit, and then Both Monitors Internal and External Should ouput the Image from The Sensor.
 If you havent tried it that way, i would be interested to see if doing it like that will make it work.

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