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Thank you for your reply.

I tried as you said.
but it didn't work.

This is error code.
AKIOnoiMac:Downloads mycomputer$ ./ -w 1280 -l 1024 vid.raw
-bash: ./ Permission denied
AKIOnoiMac:Downloads mycomputer$ sudo ./ -w 1280 -l 1024 vid.raw
sudo: ./ command not found

Is there something wrong with my method?

I could not use pyraw2dng on Mac with python3.
Did you use pyraw2dng on Mac?
How can I do?

Anyone have a tool for formatting SD cards in ext3 on a mac.

I have followed every tutorial out there and cant get any of the mac options to work.

I have tried e2fsprogs (sudo $(brew --prefix e2fsprogs)/sbin/mkfs.ext3 /dev/diskN) and it just errors out. I am troubleshooting as I go but am hoping someone else has a workaround.

Anyone else have a tool or shortcut.

By the way pyraw2dng is working GREAT! The image quality is night and day!

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