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take a look at the image issues on high contrast moving water with the new firmware, pretty funky stuff going on, can this be worked on?
focus still off its biased too close

on my 6 or 7th memory stick and several tries per stick finally got it to 3.9, wow that was harder than expected but now got it, into the waterhousing it goes!

the updatescript is not that complicated, you could maybe put the required files on a working sd card and then connect to the camera via ssh. From there on you could manually update things from the sd card without the cam software.
not that complicated is relative, haha. whats a ssh? im not a computer guy

Can you successfully save video to those USB drives on the camera?
any ideas, still stuck

Yeah it saves onto memory stick

Can you successfully save video to those USB drives on the camera?
i have never tried to save to usb drive, but i can try now, i always used sd card

The card image mentioned above is V0.1, you can directly update to V0.3.0, then apply the demosaic update.
i am on version 3.0 and it won't let me do software update, i have tried 4 diffrent usb's now

im not sure how that would help? can you explain?

Software Dev / Re: Software Roadmap - 0.3.1, 0.4.x, etc.
« on: August 21, 2018, 05:56:50 PM »
very exited to see the HDMI out coming, this really will change the camera for me, i can see!!!!
also the dng raw saving and improve debayer sounds great, now just need to find a working flash drive to update the patch

Can someone that really understands the RAW process, condense the knowledge into a single post with steps  so us non technical noobs can try it out? I would very much appreciate it

hmm ok, ill keep trying to find more ones to try...

just tried three diffrent ones with no sucess,
i have used one of these to do my updates in the past
do you guys just put the extracted folder on the usb stick? camupdate folder?

Are you using the same usb stick that you had for previous updates? I have found that only out of the pile I own will work for updates even though they all work for backing up callibration and saving video.
ill try another i think its same one

i am having a problem with install
im on version 3 firmware
i can back up calibration data but then it says no software update found, tried ejecting and repluging lots of times
any ideas?

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