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Software Dev / Re: Will there ever be a 100,000 FPS version again?
« Last post by Nikon1 on July 29, 2021, 07:23:11 PM »
Wow, huge thanks for providing that info!
 Will this work on an 2.1 also?
 I am aware, that the 2.1 will be nowhere near able to match the 100kfps of the 1.4 just from Sensor Hardware Limitations, as far as i remember that correctly, but i mean is there Any more Framerate to be gained on the 2.1 or is this Mod working on the 1.4 only?
 Thanks anyways however, i am sure this will help a bunch of 1.4 owners out a lot, that just want to go as fast as the hardware possibly can.
Software Dev / Re: Will there ever be a 100,000 FPS version again?
« Last post by sanjay on July 29, 2021, 07:12:18 PM »
Hey Everyone,

I'd like to provide some steps on how to modify the sensor driver code in a Chronos 1.4 to get to ~100k FPS. While there is no intention to support such a capability in an official release of software, the functionality in question here resides in an open-source codebase, so I'm suggesting modifications that you already have the right to do since you own the camera outright. You don't need to be a programmer so long as you follow the steps l have added below, but you will need a terminal program such as PuTTY or TeraTerm, a micro or mini usb cable to connect from the Chronos to your PC, and an ethernet connection that allows for the camera to reach the internet.

Please note that we will not provide technical support related to the noise and general glitches that result in using your Chronos 1.4 at this resolution and any other configuration that wasn't released via an official software update.

Alright, let's get to it (commands to enter in your terminal are in blue:

1. SSH into the camera by connecting the USB Micro cable to your computer, opening a terminal program such as PuTTy. Port 22
   user: root
   password: chronos

2. Connect the camera to the internet via the ethernet cable so it can get some extra packages.

3. Stop the control software.
   service chronos-control stop

4. Run the following command to get some required software on the camera:
   apt-get update
    apt-get install git ca-certificates python3-setuptools

5. Clone the Pychronos repository into the home directory of the camera
   cd ~/
    git clone

6. Edit the sensor driver to extend the minimum frame size
(github link to the commit where I reverted this feature:
   nano pychronos/pychronos/sensors/
      change MIN_VRES = 96 to MIN_VRES = 32 on line 32
      change numRows = 64 to numRows = min(64, fSize.vRes) on line 652
      save and exit the file with Ctrl + O then Ctrl + X

6. Navigate into the pychronos directory
   cd ~/pychronos

7. Build the package with your modifications by running
    python3 build

8. Install the package with your modifications by running
    python3 install

9. Power off the camera using the power button

10. Start the camera, navigate to Record Settings, enter a resolution of 320 x 32 and press Max next to FPS. The camera should show 109,890 FPS. You'll want to black cal before shooting as usual.

If the above steps leave the pychronos install in a broken state, you can delete contents in /usr/local/lib/python3.4/dist-packages/ and then reboot to load the pychronos build that originally shipped with the software image.

Here's a quick example of how a Chronos 1.4 will behave when aimed at a glass of water at 109,890 FPS:

As can be seen in my video, the output suffers from occasional noise spikes and the bottom most rows are not being read out properly. As you can imagine, we'd likely receive many support emails/calls from folks who would wonder what was going on if we were to leave it implemented as-is for an official release. However, for those who really need the throughput, I hope this helps.
Software Dev / Re: Will there ever be a 100,000 FPS version again?
« Last post by lwaters on July 29, 2021, 06:50:42 AM »
I completely agree, while it may not have been pretty- there was still information we were using. How absolutely frustrating.
Chronos User Discussion / Re: Chronos 1.4 Footage Thread
« Last post by muringuets on July 28, 2021, 01:31:02 PM »
First time shooting (filming?) with guns (not real gun, but anyway), boy I need a 2.1 camera, 4500fps is way too much I think, can't seem to get the same sharpness as on 720p 1500fps... Need to test a few things first, but ain't happy for now...

Another thing I tried for the first time was the tilt shift lens, to get the gun and the target on focus... I managed to get a good angle one time, both subjects were focused, but it did not make to the final video (probably got overwritten). Happy with my first attempt using the lens though...

There are other videos from the same day, I'll redo some stuff, specially the melon vs bomb...
Chronos User Discussion / Max Frame Rate Possible/Software Version
« Last post by lwaters on July 28, 2021, 09:08:52 AM »
 I am working with two 1.4's and one 2.1 on varying software versions... I am wondering what your max fps settings are and what software version you're using. I've lost track of which update had the highest possible fps, I swore one of them got up to 108k.
Thank you,
Chronos User Discussion / Re: Time tagging
« Last post by Nikon1 on July 20, 2021, 06:13:08 AM »
As far as I know, the Cameras on-board Wallclock-time is only used for filenames and can't be embedded in the videos. Also, It's not really precise.

 I did save the Same Recording from RAM multiple times to different File Formats, and it will create Files with date and time Labeled after the moment you press the Save-Button on the UI (don't know how it exactly works for remote Controlled Saves), so that should be correct.
Chronos User Discussion / Re: Time tagging
« Last post by NiNeff on July 19, 2021, 10:48:26 PM »
The timer in the video overlay always refers to your triggerpoint, and depending on the triggermode it couunts down (post trigger) or up (pre-trigger). The ~17 seconds are roughly the maximum record time for a 32GB RAM camera model, so they are somewhat expected.

As far as I know, the Cameras on-board Wallclock-time is only used for filenames and can't be embedded in the videos. Also, It's not really precise.
The best way to exactly align the shot to an external time reference would be to use capture the triggertime (e.g. via external hardware) and then sync to that afterwards.
Chronos User Discussion / Re: Post Chronos 2.1 clips here!
« Last post by Nikon1 on July 17, 2021, 08:40:31 PM »
2 more movies made with the chronos 2.1
It is a very nice camara to work with

I have some more on my channel
Very nice videos.
 After seeing the video from your third link, i wanted to also shoot something like that. So here is my try on capturing the Leidenfrost-Effect.
 However, i think my surface wasn't quite hot enough for the Best Effect and also my drops seem to have been bigger than yours in the Video.
 Shot at different Framerates from 2142fps to 4230fps.
Software Dev / Re: V0.6.0 1.4 to 2.1 comparison
« Last post by mklinger on July 17, 2021, 05:16:17 PM »
Thanks for sharing this.  It also confirms the quick study I did awhile ago (see the attached image) showing that the sensor sensitivity and color accuracy seems to drop by a fairly significant margin when lowering the resolution and really only the 1920 and 1472 horizontal resolutions (your 1280 would be similar to my 1472 test) comes close to the stated ISO 500 base sensitivity as compared to my DSLR reference.

FWIW, the Krontech engineers have responded to me about this and are looking into it, so hopefully there will be a solution in the future.
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