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Trip down memory lane. (Old Hackaday article about the camera.)


And in case you haven't been following this build for a long time. Here is one of David's early ones.
3D printed case, older sensor, bunch of other changes but hey, that looks like a camera we might like to buy if only he'd run a Kickstarter or something.. :)

Anyone commented on this and now have an order for one?
Or failing that, how many of us found out about this from /before/ the prototypes were sent out across Youtube?

I remember reading g this the first time and wondering if it would ever be made into a commercial product. I'm glad it did.

My earliest encounter with the "Chronos" was watching the consumer electronics crash test video on YouTube and being surprised at both the explosion of plastic and that the footage was shot on a home made high speed camera.

Going WAYYYY back, here's a thread on the forums that I made about the camera in early 2008. This was back when it was a VGA 250fps sensor on a Spartan 3A FPGA dev board, with 64MB of RAM


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