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I primarily want to splice and alter playback speed (i.e., slow down around key points, speed up elsewhere) of the MP4s coming off this camera.  So something like Adobe Premier seems like complex overkill.

What Windows software would you recommend for this sort of post-processing?

I use Vegas Movie Studio (formerly Sony, now Magix) and it works well enough for me. If you don't want to go all out with a commercial editor I would suggest looking at the Free and Open Source section of this page: There are a couple there which are developed for windows and they should offer the ability to change clip speed (Shortcut mentions it specifically on their features page). Try a bunch of them and see what works best for you, video software choice can be as much preference based as feature based.

I use Adobe Premiere CC and Adobe After Effects for editing. IDK how it will work with the files from the camera as my camera is just now getting ready to ship. But others have said it works fine with it.   

I use Corel Videostudio Ultimate X9 but there is a newer version X10  It costs under $100 and does a lot for what I need.  You might be able to get previous version at a discounted price.  There are tutorials online if needed.  For the Chronos 1.4 specifically I plan on shooting my videos rotated and this software allows me to rotate them and make videos with the regular 1920x1280 format.  Of course the sides will be blackened or filled in with some other background but I've confirmed that Corel Videostudio will do this.

You can also adjust the speed of the video with VideoStudio, speed up or slow down the playback speed.


I've used OpenShot a bit.  I found it in my distro's repository and the price was right. It also has a windows port.  It will do those things you've listed, although I've found it to be a bit confusing and unstable.  The windows version is more up to date and less buggy.  Truth be told, I've been meaning to find a replacement but just haven't had much need to yet.  It has worked well enough despite its occasional frustrations.


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